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No Pat McAfee Thread? (1 Viewer)


I'm sure everybody saw the hit last night. It was nice to be able to enjoy a tackle while watching an NFL game. My wife and I even shared a laugh at it.


He clearly leads with the head. In fact his helmet hits Trindon Holliday's helmet, and this was the first point of contact in the tackle. Yet when NBC did the replay they never mentioned it. Apparently since McAfee didn't use the top of his helmet it isn't illegal.


If that would have been James Harrison instead of any random punter how quickly would the refs have thrown a flag, and would the fine be 5 figures or 6? What do you guys think?

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I know this isn't the AC Forum but can I get some help? Who do I add: Norton or McAfee?
I think the sleeper pick is obviously Aloysious Vontel Green. His measurables are off the charts, he will be free essentially since he was drafted in exactly 0.03% of Yahoo leagues. Peter King reports: "Green, who prefers to go by AVG, has really been running hard in the background during the start of most practices, and should see the field next week as both Norton and McAfee have been removed from the lineup."

Kaspersky is the shark play. He's Russian, though, so you always have to worry about failed PED tests. And Norton is washed up. He's only still on a team because he needs the money to afford to pay the NFL to buy all the jerseys with the wrong name on them.


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