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non-DWill FANTASY Playoff HEROES! (1 Viewer)


Post your Fantasy Playoff Heroes here...(NOTE: this is a non-DWill zone)

Tyler Thigpen saved my Brady-less team

Dallas Clark picked a good game to blow up.

A. Bryant...started him over TO and Bowe

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Had D-will on my bench with Ward and won! Thanks to:

Peyton & MJD for putting me up big before he had a chance to play

Witten & Fitz for meaningful meaningless TDs

Tom Coughlin singlehandedly won me the Championship.

Panthers 2nd TD, Steve Smith caught a pass for a touchdown. Coughlin threw the red flag, and it was ruled he was down less than a foot from the goal line. Meaningless as they ran it in on the next play, but, I was playing the Smith owner, and that erased TD made the difference.

Witten & Fitz for meaningful meaningless TDs
The Witten TD was well appreciated. But it wasn't quite meaningless. the Cowboys almost still had a shot, if they could just squeak out a 3-and-out on baltimore's next series. Dallas had all three timeouts left at that point, IIRC.But it was definitely appreciated (in my semi-final game).
D. Rhodes, M. Colston, W. Welker, I. Bruce

All produced down the stretch more then they did during the reg season!

Aaron Rodgers was calming influence in my locker room all season long. He came through again on Sunday with a another solid 22 point effort. Possibly the most consistent fantasy performer of the year and money in the Super Bowl.

Jason Witten proved he was worth an early draft pick with a great game in week 16.

Pierre Thomas was my playoff MVP. Unexpected and much needed after my top 2 RBs got hurt late in the season.

Colston also picked a good time to have a really good game. I could have won without his big game, but it sure helped!

Oh, and I can't forget the Colts D in Week 14. They were the deciding margin in my first round playoff game.

Cutler, Owen Daniels and Kris Brown all put up very nice games this week. I had a lot of overall nice performances but these three were better than I was hoping for.

Pierre Thomas, without question. He BLEW UP the last four weeks when my playoffs were cumulative scoring over those weeks. I bought him for $2 in an auction and he exploded at just the right time.

We play the same opponent for two consecutive weeks. Total score of the two weeks wins. After week 15 I was down 14.3 points. My heroes were...

S. Hill (21.14) - Got off waivers the night before and benched Warner (1.2) and M . Ryan (9.56)

Eagles D (9) - Benched Minny (4) and Steelers (1)

Hartley (6) - Got off waivers the night before and cut Hanson (1)

Won by a cumulative total of 2.71!!


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