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Non-ppr Swift/Chase/#8/#14 or N. Harris/Higgins/McLaurin (1 Viewer)

Andy Dufresne

Trade on the table.

I give Swift, 1.8, 2.2 and I get McLaurin and Tee Higgins.

I have the 1.1 so the option under consideration is whether it's better to take Harris or Chase there.

Forgetting about value for a second, which roster construction would you rather have? I'm leaning toward Set B. I'm not a big booster of Swift.

Set A


Set B




Surprisingly I am leaning towards Set A but it seems you and I seem to always fall on different sides of the fence.....hahahaha

At quick first glance I do really like the trio of Harris, Higgins and McLaurin and have absolutely no problem with that trio over the Swift/Chase& picks.  It is extremely close for me.  I am not a huge believer in Swift but with a new coaching staff and the year he showed he could be a focus for an offense.  I have seen him in the NFL and he looks like he belongs even if I have my reservations over the Detroit franchise screwing it up.   I also like Chase as more of a sure thing over Harris but would take Harris over Chase in most instances.  

Ask me again tomorrow and I probably switch to Set B (its that close).



Give me side B but I see the appeal to both, depends on the risk tolerance of the owner. Picks are lotto tickets and the hope is that they turn out to be where McLaurin and Higgins are, productive yet with untapped potential.

At first glance, you are right set B looks sexier.  If you are ok at WR, you could take Harris anyways and hope Bateman falls to 8 and maybe St. Brown or someone at 2.2.  I think it is really close.  Just a matter of preference.  I think I might want to see the NFL draft before I could decide for sure.



I agree with others, this one is tough. So I think I'd default to the one involving the lesser number of players+picks (set B).


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