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Non-PPR WDIS: Jimmie Graham, or someone off the pile? (1 Viewer)


Scratching and clawing to get the last playoff spot; every point matters. Wondering if Graham should be kept in my TE spot, or I should roll the dice on a TE off the scrap heap of the waiver wire. Have not heard if Graham practiced today. Viable choices right now that are available are

Vance McDonald vs. Jax

Seals Jones vs. Oak

Non-PPR scoring.

Rest of lineup is Prescott (Brady is off), Fournette, Coleman, Beckham, Cooks, Flex DJ Moore (for now), PK Tucker and Charger DST.

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Graham hasn't been practicing.  That makes him a bit sketchy especially on a short week.  I would go with McDonald of your choices. 


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