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Nope (movie by Jordan Peele) (1 Viewer)


Anyone else see this pile of horse feces?

It’s bad, really bad. Definitely the worst movie I’ve seen in years. Very boring. No reason to root for the characters.

Get Out and Us were good but this movie was a huge disappointment.


Arizona Chupacabra
I was entertained. I was especially impressed with the fact that the chimp story was true and has been buried by the hollywood machine. I really feel that all of the hype over Get Out was misplaced. This has resulted in the expectations of future films being set way too high. This movie certainly has its flaws but there is some good stuff in there as well. I liked the idea of the well and thought that it was pulled off well. I will say that I did agree with the "message" of the film and this could be adding to my feelings.

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