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Not Doing Anything? Some Weirdo Is Trying To Eat 100 McNuggets In 100 minutes On Twitch Right Now (1 Viewer)

Doesn’t sound that hard honestly
McDonalds lists 1 McNugget as weighing 16 grams.

1600 grams = 1.6 Kg = 3.53 lbs.

Seems like a lot of food, but no where near insurmountable. 

325 grams or 11.5 ounces of fat.

9.05 grams of salt.

4825 calories.

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I could only watch for a few minutes.  The guy was just about as weird as they come.  Wasn't sure whether it was an act or he was really that way.  I'm guessing a little of both.  Also, he went off camera after 50 nuggets and was complaining of stomach pain.  My bet is he barfed.  


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