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Not Masculine, Masculine, or Toxic Masculinity? Ask an expert. (1 Viewer)

Good Posting Judge

I am here to help clear up any differences between what's not masculine (not that there's anything wrong with that), what's masculine, and what's too masculine, aka "toxic masculinity."

Please provide some context with your questions so I can have a clear idea of what you're asking and can give thorough answers. As someone who has been a male for 40 years, I am very qualified to run this thread.


Good Posting/Masculinity Judge

Using Thirty-one brand insulated lunch bags that look like purses.  

ETA:   :oldunsure:

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Care to explain?  Still haven't....
So my feet and legs from knees down are very well cared for now, where before they weren't.  Nails are always in great shape.  All the crappy skin on feet taken off and I had some small circulation issues that improve every time I go.   My gal had cut my hair for six years, and suggested giving it a try. I do both every six weeks now.

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Did GPJ die after starting this thread?  If it was a heart attack, masculine.  If it was ovarian cancer, not masculine.
Staying right on top of a message board thread is NOT MASCULINE, so I'm lagging behind a bit to try and hit the "masculine" sweet spot.

Sending insane PM's to people who post in here, that'd be toxic masculinity.

Using Thirty-one brand insulated lunch bags that look like purses.  

ETA:   :oldunsure:
I mean I used to have a space cat lunchbox, so...gonna say it's masculine. You're comfortable with yourself.

Also holding a purse for your lady and not feeling weird about it, very masculine.


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