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QB Warner, Plummer, Bledsoe RB Portis, Dunn, A Smith, O Smith WR Burress, Chrebet, Wayne, Rogers, Galloway, Bryant TE Crumpler/MillerK Carney/BrownD Baltimore/New EnglandI wanted big points from my QBs, because they are the highest scoring single position in this format. Warner's schedule down the stretch is worth the cost, even though Manning cost just $1 more. I wanted one stud RB and many quality backups who could piece together RB 2 scoring and also fill in for Portis' bye week. I don't like Portis' late bye (week 9), but I actually think Portis will be on a lot of the teams that make it to the late weeks simply because he has such a late bye, which will help his owners survive longer.I wanted one WR who could start every week (Burress), one pair of cheap talented receivers from the same team (Ferguson/Walker were considered, too) and three WRs who could be swapped in any given week when they blow up.I feel that TEs are broken into three tiers: the overpriced studs, the guys who could be good, and everyone else. I grabbed the cheapest pair from tier two, which worked out well since I feel that Crumpler and Miller are actually two of the better bets at TE this year.I looked for kickers on high scoring teams and/or playing in domes/warm weather down the stretch. I looked for Ds that were medium priced and had a quality front 7 to get sacks and fumble recoveries, and hopefully force INTs. I don't care much about matchups for the most part because this scoring system doesn't count yards or points scored. What about the rest of you?

Yeah, but is the contest REALLY closed? lolOK checked and saw the closing. So here it goes(BYE/$)QB: Kelly Holcombe (9/$2), Tom Brady (10/$5), Tommy Maddox (7/$5)RB: Stephen Davis (3/$35), Travis Henry (9/$55), Duce Staley (3/$5), Garrison Hearst (10/$6)WR: Plaxico Burress (7/$31), Quincy Morgan (9/$20), Ashley Lelie (10/$14), Steve Smith (3/$2), Corey Bradford (5/$2), Brian Finneran (8/$2)TE: Alge Crumpler (8/$3), Kyle Brady (7/$2)PK: Morten Anderson (9/$3), Ryan Longwell (8/$3)DEF: Indianapolis (7/$3), Seattle (4/$2)Theories:All positions: I tried not to have multiple bye weeks at any position. If I'm counting 3 WR's on a given week, I don't want to be reduced to 4 b'cos of byes. Same with RB & QB. Only exception was taking Duce with the same bye as Stephen Davis. My theory on byes was to get them earlier than later. I don't want a lot of people benched when the cuts are more severe. The % survivors gets increasingly smaller as the contest progresses.QB's : Don't spend too much. I really wanted to add Bledsoe in lieu of Holcomb, but the $3 made me waiver. Each of these QBs will have huge games throughout the year and should score extremely well as a group.RB's: I definitely wanted 2-Top 20 backs. Henry's projected rec's make him a considerable value @ $55. Davis will have plenty of opportunity given a poor passing Off and an excellent Def. Staley and Hearst are the gambles, but you have to have a couple in this format. IF and when Correll goes down or blows his blitz pickups, Duce will be the biggest value on this board. I flip-flopped between Duce and O. Smith, but Duce's value @ 1pt per rec won out.WR:3 Potential Top20 guys, 3 mega-cheap boom/bust guys as fillers.Burress, Morgan & Lelie will be the core. I expect 2 of 3 scores per week to come from these guys. Smith, Bradford & Finneran have big games then disappear. As starters & @ $2 per, they fit the mold for the survivor salary cap format.TE:Crumpler will be a common name on this thread. Brady @ $2 will get a lot of rec's for JAX since their WR's are a mess. Any TD's here are much appreciated.PK:Greatest value and most points come from these two guys. Potent O's and plenty of scoring opportunities.DEF:Weakest spot on the roster, but the scoring format is not heavy with oppotunity (no PTs against, no YDs alowed, etc). Indy and Dungy will be very good IMHO. They have looked phenomenal in preseason. My guess is Top10 for them. SEA was a long shot, but the schedule is LOADED with low-ranking OFF's. Work prevented me from making an adjustment here (late Springs news) but I do not know who I would have plugged in anyway.

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Is there a link to see who is on my team? I keep getting a 404 on the link near the bottom.I can't remember who I selected :bag:

How do we see our teams? I made the picks a few days ago and my roster doesn't come up right now.

Did I miss understand this.............are the guys we picked set for the whole season? In other wards we should of been looking at bye weeks and what not.

Oh hell...no link to even view my own roster. I assumed (I know how that word breaks down) that there would be, so I didn't bother writing it down/printing it out. :wacko:

Is there a link to see who is on my team? I keep getting a 404 on the link near the bottom.I can't remember who I selected :bag:
At least I'm not the only one.
Did I miss understand this.............are the guys we picked set for the whole season? In other wards we should of been looking at bye weeks and what not.
Yes, damn, I knew I was forgetting to look at something :wall: ...here's hoping that I don't have too many off in one week.
Going from memory, I think I took these guys:QB - Maddox, Hasselbeck, BradyRB - Amos, O. Smith, W. Dunn, TrungWR - Moss, Koren, J. Morton, Kevin Johnson, Andre Johnson, and some other cheap wideout.TE - Crumpler & JolleyDef - NE & BaltWent with WR's who I believe are going to have big years (Moss & Koren), 3 Qb's who should all have 25+ TD's, and RB's with upside and who catch the rock (1 pt. per reception is important).Never played in a salary cap league, so I'm hoping to at least make the cut.

Okay Funky, Here it is! (We seem to be close on this one!)QBs: Hassleback, Brady, Bledsoe (Bledsoe will produce, just not every week)RBs: J. Lewis, S. Davis, G. Hearst, M. Pittman (workhorses)WRs: Burress, D. Jackson, C. Rogers, J. Galloway, K. Johnson, J. Morton (here's where I win or lose. But I figure all but Jackson are the #1s on their teams and 3 gotta hit any given week, so...)TEs: Jolley, Crumpler PKs: Akers, EdingerD: Baltimore, Ten

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I'll play bfred...QB: Hasselbeck, Holcombe, StewartRB: Faulk, Zereoue, Faulk, DuckettWR: Driver, Muhammad, Jackson, Galloway, Bates, WayneTE: Miller, ClarkK: Anderson, BrownD: Miami, New EnglandI wanted to front load as many of my byes as possible, leaving me with more players as the field narrows.QB - Big Hasselbeck guy here. Holcombe was a cheap starter. This system favors running QBs so I added one in the form of Stewart. Stewart is a sleeper, if he plays well he has a schedule primed for big numbers. Have to take some gambles in this format.RB: Wanted some guys who could eat up that pt/recpt. Faulk now has a line to run behind and STL has healthy QBs. Zeroue was a cheap starter. Kevin Faulk may put up some big weeks. Duckett was Dunn insurance for Survivor2.WR: Muhammad and Galloway were cheap #1s. Wayne and Bates are #2s on high scoring offenses. DJax is under valued this year and won't trail KRob by much. Looking at GB's schedule tells me that Driver will have huge weeks.TE: Miller and Clark both looked to be severely undervalued.K: Both guys on high scoring teamsD: Miami and New England, going after sack potential.

Posted from the other thread: QB:Matt Hasselbeck - 8Tom Brady - 5Kelly Holcomb - 2RB:Marshall Faulk - 66Warrick Dunn - 16Garrison Hearst - 6Onterrio Smith - 6WR:Plaxico Burress - 31Quincy Morgan - 20Muhsin Muhammad - 12Charles Rogers - 6Joey Galloway - 4Brian Finneran - 2TE:Alge Crumpler - 3Billy Miller - 3K:Ryan Longwell - 3Jason Hansen - 2D:Cowboys - 3New York Giants - 2At each position I tried to have a good mix of proven, reliable players and younger guys who could outperform their price. At QB I have a lot of potential in Hasselbeck and Holcomb while Brady has proven to be a reliable guy just in case the others falter. Hasselbeck is probably my top sleeper QB this year and so I felt it was essential to get him. I really wanted Kerry Collins and not Brady, but he has the same bye week as Hasselbeck and I didn't want to rely on Holcomb so heavily that week.At RB I will obviously be depending on Marshall Faulk. The thing that set him apart from guys like Portis and McAllister is that he'll catch more balls, he has an early bye, and his playoff schedule looks very easy. Dunn is a guy who could surprise this year and at worst he should score some points every week. Hearst doesn't offer much upside, but you know he's going to score week in and week out. Obviously for this team to go all the way I will probably need O. Smith to establish himself and score some points.WR might be the strong point of my team although some probably dislike my choices. Burress is a guy who I see as a lock for the top 10 with potential for the top 5. I really believe that Quincy Morgan will explode this year. At the very least he'll have some huge games here and there. Muhsin Muhammad isn't an exciting pick, but he's a guy who should put points on the board. Rogers was an easy pick for me because I think he's a virtual lock for 800 yards with 1,100 a realistic possibility. I actually wanted Antonio Bryant and not Galloway, but the quad injury really worried me. Even if Galloway ends up playing second fiddle, he should have a big game or two. Finneran is another boring pick, but he should contribute some catches and yards each week. He'll score some long TD's this year. One sleeper that I wanted to add was WR Drew Bennett, but he has the same late bye week as Quincy Morgan so I didn't want to chance it.My TE's aren't real thrilling, but I should be solid from week to week between the two of them. I seriously considered Tony Gonzalez due to the 2 points per TE reception thing, but I ultimately decided to spend elsewhere.At K I have two guys who have been in the league for a while and who should be decent.One thing that some people may have overlooked when picking defenses is that return touchdowns are worth quite a bit. That's one reason I chose Dallas D. They have good return men, a decent D, and an early bye week. The Giants should be a pretty decent D and they too have that lovely early bye week.

Tornadoes IIQB: B. Favre, D. Bledsoe, D. BreesRB: C. Portis, T. Canidate, C. Buckhalter, D. StaleyWR: I. Bruce, D. Stallworth, Jo. Reed, K. McCardell, S. Moss, A. BryantTE: B. Miller, C. LewisPK: J. Wilkins, R. LongwellDEF: Baltimore, New EnglandClassic, drop back QB's, do-it-all RB's, WR's with po, decent TE's, solid PK's, stout DEF.Hopefully I'll be able to do some damage with this team. :thumbup:

My squad


Tom Brady 5

Tommy Maddox 5

Kerry Collins 4

All 3 represent good value and amongst them should out up good weekly points. 14 Total for QB's seems very reasonable for the production they should provide.


Marshall Faulk 66

Warrick Dunn 16

Kevin Faulk 5

Lamar Gordon 3

90 for my 4 RB's seems a bit lower than most others I've seen/ I spent over 25% of my cap on Faulk and handcuffed with Gordon. The combination of the 2 for 69 represented great value IMO. Dunn and Faulk were chosen because of the 1 point per catch rule which makes both good values.


Peerless Price 22

Darrell Jackson 17

Ashley Lelie 14

Robert Ferguson 4

Ed McCaffrey 3

Joe Jurevicius 2

WR's were perhaps the most difficult to figure out. Finding WR's that would get lots of catches for a reasnable price was difficult, but I like my chances with Price as the focal point of the Atlanta offense, his price of 22 was too hard to pass up. Further Darrell Jackson seems to be the forgotten man in the Seattle offense and was a good value at 17 IMO. I love Lelie's upside and handcuffed him with Easy Ed who was a bargain at 3. Between the 2 they should be good for a TD a week and maybe 5 catches and 70 yards. Ferguson was a risk, but I love Favre and think he'll be looking to spread the ball amongst Driver and Ferguson. Jurevicius WILL HAVE some big weeks, and in this format he makes a nice WR6 at a bargain basement price.


Todd Heap 22

Mark Campbell 2

The position most seemed to ignore, however they must of missed the 2 point per catch rule for TE's. Heap is a no brainer, even with the rookie QB, and Campbell will surprise as he seems to be a big part of the Buffalo offense jusdging by what I saw of him in the preseason.


Phil Dawson 2

John Kasey 2

No reason to spend big money here with all FG's worth 3. Instead I looked for K's on what I think will be good offenses that came dirt cheap.


New England 4

Buffalo 2

I liked NE a LOT better they released Milloy, before that cut I felt these 2 defenses wiould both finish top 10 fantasy wise. I definately still like the Bills, and NE will still probably be a decent fantasy play.

QB - Cullpepper, Plummer, Holcombe (nice cover in bye weeks) (34pts)RB - Portis/George (strong combo) with Bettis (nice schedule cover in bye weeks for both) O. Smith (flyer) (96 pt)WR - Toomer (bargain), Lelie (bargain) Reggie Wayne WR3, Steve Smith, Boerighter, Finneran (50 pts)TE - Miller, Teyo Johnson (5 pts)K - Can't remember (6 pts)D - Atlanta, NO (9 pts)

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I think we'll be able to see our rosters after week 1 from what I can recall.

Here's my rosters from memory:

QB: Holcomb, Collins, Maddox

Went cheap here for value. None of these guys have the same bye week so I'll have 2 if not 3 QBs to be maximized in every week. This combo should provide me with solid points week in and week out. I spent the second least amount of dollars on QBs (other than K).

RB: Portis, George, Bettis, Shipp

Went with a premium RB, a middle of the road RB, and two value picks who should only contribute on byes. I'm hoping Shipp can give me late production with Bettis getting some goalline touches.

WR: Price, S. Smith, Boerigter, Tim Brown, Antonio Bryant, and I don't remember the rest

There was another decent priced WR that I had but I don't remember. WRs were the second highest dollar total (other than RB).

TE: Heap, Teyo Johnson

Went with one of the biggies coupled with the cheap upside of Teyo Johnson.

K: Dawson and Janikowski (I think. I might have changed this pick)

Two cheap kickers, my cheapest position.

D: Tampa Bay, Indianapolis

Spent more money on D than I did on QB. I wanted the point differential that Tampa Bay will most likely give me, coupled with the upside of an improving Indy D.

I hit $200 on the nose I think (or was $199).

My byes are perfectly spread out so I have no bye week issues.

This team relies on outscoring my opponents via RB, TE, and D and keeping pace at QB, WR, and K.

QB: Collins, Brady, HolcombeRB: Portis, M. Faulk, Morris, WhiteWR: Jackson, S. Moss, Bryant, Morton, Finneran, PattenTE: Crumpler, McMichaelPK: M. Anderson, J. BrownDT Baltimore, Jacksonville

QB: Hasselbeck, Ramsey, HolcombRB: Portis, S. Davis, George, HearstWR: Lelie, Wayne, J. Reed, C. Rogers, A. Johnson, D. ThompsonTE: Crumpler, GrahamK: Dawson, MareD: Bills, Giants

QBs$16 - Kurt Warner$8 - Matt Hassllback$6 - Patrick RamseyRBs$64 - Edgerrin James$35 - Stephen Davis$6 - Onterrio Smith$2 - Maurice MorrisWRs$14 - Ashley Lelie$9 - Wayne Chrebet$7 - Reggie Wayne$6 - Charles Rogers$4 - Joey Galloway$3 - Peter WarrickTEs$3 - Billy Miller$2 - Dallas ClarkK$4 - Mike Vanderjagt$3 - Olindo MareDEF$5 - Baltimore$3 - Dallas

All sorts of strategies!! :thumbup: QB: Green, Brady, Maddox ($20)RB: Jamal Lewis, St. Davis, Moe Williams, Duce Staley ($93)WR: Quincy Morgan, DJax, Lelie, Morton, Galloway, Jurevicius ($63)TE: Pollard, Franks ($7)PK: Stover, Reed ($5)Def: TB, StL ($12)Wanted solid RB's to start, QB's who hit big once in awhile, strength in the secondary positions and WR's I felt were undervalued with upside. Definitely think I caught all the bye weeks but really messed up the tiebreaks. :rolleyes:

Finally, I can let my team be known:

I went with balance at QB/WR/RB with the potential for big games and then went cheap at the "off" positions without sacrificing TE value.

QB: Trent Green, Tom Brady, Kelly Holcombe $17

Explosive QBs with the potential to put up multiple TD games - Green and Brady are rocks as I expect them both to have high TD games and Holcombe will be coming back a lot as the Browns' D is pathetic. KC and Cle share a bye week, so that is a concern, but it is later in the year.

RB: Sean Alexander, Warrick Dunn, OSmith, GHearst $86

This was the best RB rotation of starters that I could come up with without breaking the bank and without sacrificing depth at other spots. I kept trying to manipulate it so I could get Portis for 3 dollars more, but I didn't want to shortchange myself at WR in a start 3 WR league. With a pt/rec. for RBs I saw Alexander as a good value - FBGuys project him at 50, but I think he'll get 60 catches and will be equal to Portis in that dept. I think Portis will get more yards, but Alexander will get more TDs and that's the name of the game. Plus, the EOY schedule. I was stressing over the move until Jones signed today. Now I am confident in the rotation.

WR: Holt, Horn, Antonio Bryant, Joey Galloway, Corey Bradford, David Patten $82

I kept playing around with a big-3 WR, but the Moss and Driver combo I thought was ideal was the same amount of money as the Horn/Holt combo, which should be pretty key in a pt/rec league. Each receiver could get over 90 catches, and each could get over 1300 yards. Between them, they should have around 12-14 TDs. I saw the Driver/Moss combo as significiantly fewer catches, significantly fewer yards, but more TDs. I think the pts/ rec will make the Horn/Holt combo one of the best, with one of the other guys each week pulling WR3 duty. I also did the combo receivers from the same team thing that Bfred did (same players!). I have 6 receivers, none of whom are worse than a WR2, 4 of whom are WR1, and all of whom are explosive. That's pretty good, IMO.

TE: Crumpler, Miller $6

BFred covered this - for less than Freddie Jones or Randy McMichael alone, you get two TEs, both of whom could exceed each of them this year. With 2 pts/rec, these guys are excellent. No-brainer.

K: Hanson, Kasay $4

Dome kicker and kicker on a team that kicks a lof of field goals in tight games.

D: Jax, Sea $4

Went with Stuart's D combo - had to scrimp somewhere.

Overall, I think I did VERY well - I'm deep with explosive players at QB, WR, RB. and TE and they are all likely to be starters for their teams. And I watched out for bye weeks this time. ;)

I believe I will be competing late into the season becasue I have too much balance to be eliminated early. With a few lucky breaks by having my QBs' explosive games line up properly, and by having SAlexander's off games matched by the other RBs, I could last VERY late.

QB: Culpepper, Brady, BledsoeI wanted a running QB with opportunities around the goalline because of the 6pts for rushing TDs. Vick was out for too long, and I think Culp will have the most rushing stats on the year. Brady and Bledsoe were just perceived value picks with (hopefully) lots of yardage.RB: Garner, George, Duckett, O. SmithWith the point per reception, Garner's 90+ receptions last year were too hard to ignore. I also wanted a guy I didn't think everyone would have...I wanted a stud, but I was set on taking Culp so I had to sacrifice a little bit... George will hopefully add some stability to my weekly score and keep me from getting bounced too early while waiting for O. Smith and some WRs to emerge. O. Smith and Duckett were upside picks that I felt I needed to take some chances if I am going to have a shot at winning.WR: Quincy Morgan, Isaac Bruce, Ashley Lelie, Andre Johnson, Ferguson, D. HayesDidn't spend too much on WR because I thought there was some decent value. I have Q rated highly and Bruce is in a Rams offense I expect to boune back. Lelie and A. Johnson was a bit risky, but both have upside. I just did the best I could with the rest. I really couldn't decide between Driver, Bruce and Price for that slot...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.TE: Desmond Clark, Kyle BradyI couldn't bring myself to take a big three TE, so I wasn't going to spend much here. I went with guys I thought would get a number of receptions on short yardage plays and some redzone looks. TE's getting two points could be the difference.K: Hanson, AndersenD: NE/BaltimoreCheaper D's that I think will outperform their stated value.In short, I felt like I had to take some chances to have a shot at winning, so I took some guys that could explode or bust. If 2/3 of them pan out, I could have a shot. I also wanted some guys I didn't think everyone else had.My bye weeks scare me some though in week 8-10, but they are spread throughout those three weeks so hopefully I can get through them.

I don't remember the full lineup after all the switching around I did, but I do remember that it didn't look very much at all like the ones y'all are posting. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. :D I do remember that my quarterbacks are McNair (11), Maddox (5), and Stewart (3)--two with good mobility, two with good weapons in the offense around them, and all with complimentary schedules.I also remember having Emmitt Smith (7, good hands=bonus reception points), Clinton Portis (62, my one stud), Torry Holt (32, call him "big game"), and Marty Booker (25, king of receptions) on the roster, and that my defenses are Buffalo & Cincinatti (both very underrated, and 2 bucks apiece).If Joe & the guys can hook us up with a link to our own squads, I'll do a full write-up. Until then, all this remembering has made my brain hurt. :wacko:Edited to add my TEs: Desmond Clark (2) and Alge Crumpler (3), two great bargains who could put me over the top in any given week, without eating up the money that one of the more "established" stars at the position would've cost.

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I think this was who I ended up with:QB - Bledsoe (5), Maddox (5), K.Collins (4)RB - Martin (37), S.Davis (35), George (25), Staley (5)WR - Moulds (43), Wayne (7), Rogers (6), Thompson (3), Warrick (3), Bryant (3)TE - Crumpler (3), Pollard (3)PK - Longwell (3), Reed (3)DEF - Bills (2), Ravens (5)I think it's a pretty solid group. 3 good QBs with different bye weeks...Brady also could have been a consideration but I like the weapons on these teams more than New England.RB, a bit old but I went with quality depth instead of investing a lot in 1 superstar. Martin, Davis, and George are all capable of having big games and Staley will be a bargain if he can get his starting job back in Philly.WR, I wanted 1 stud and felt Moulds was the best value as I expect him to outperform 1 or 2 of the big 3 WRs this year. Then, I filled in the spots with quality young WRs that were cheap and could all have bustout years.TE, these guys were bargains at the cost and should combine to do quite nicely. I don't expect the Vick injury to hurt Crumpler that much.PK, both could finish in the top-10 for Kickers and both came cheap.DEF - I see a rebound year for Baltimore and I think the Bills improvements will help them dramatically.

QB's Hasselback,Ramsey,Bledsoe ($19)RB's Dunn,Ahman,Amos,O.Smith ($96)WR's Driver,Booker,Steve Smith, Tai Streets, Andre Johnson, Charles Rogers ($65)TE's Billy Miller, Desmond Clark($6)K's Longwell, Mare ($6)Def/St Dallas, Indy ($6)Total $198 was going to do a few last minute switches but forgot today was tuesday :(

Took a chance on the stud RB theory. Looks like I already caught a break with Gary :P QB = Warner (16), Bledsoe (5), Holcomb (2) = $23RB = Holmes (68), Faulk (66), OSmith (6), Gary (2) = $142WR = Ferguson (4), Galloway (4), KevJohnson (4), TiBrown (3), Warrick (3), SSmith (2) = $20TE = Crumpler (3), Miller (3) = $6K = Stover (2), Dawson (2) = $4DT= Dall (3), Buff (2) = $5

I dont remeber my line up ,But I belive the 2 Points per rec for TEs will be huge I know I took Heap and Shocky, Hass, Holcome, Morgan S davis, Osmith, Buckhalter, Barlow, And O buch of cheap wrs

Player.........(bye/$$)QB:Maddox...................(7 / 5)B. Johnson..............(4 / 9)T. Green..................(9 / 10)RB:Eddie George..........(9 / 25)Amos Z....................(7 / 25)Antowain Smith.......(10 / 6)Anthony Thomas.....(3 / 9)WRDerrick Mason...............(9 / 26)Jerry Porter...................(8 / 19)Wayne Chrebet.............(5 / 17)Darrell Jackson..............(4 / 9)David Patten..................(10 / 2)Marc Boerigter...............(9 / 3)TEAlge Crumpler...............(8 / 3)Daniel Graham..............(10 / 3)KJosh Brown...................(4 / 3)Ryan Longwell..............(8 / 3)DefenseTampa Bay...................(4 / 9)Baltamore.....................(5 / 5)Being the first time I've played in this type of format I wasn't sure of any proven strategies. I essentially stayed away from a "stud" theory and instead tried to get all blue collar guys. I was hoping that having say..4 starting RBs would give me a steadier point production than one stud and 3 guys splitting time would. We'll see.

So far, it looks like I'm the only one who went "stud-WR" I valued those reception points a lot and sloughed off the RB2 to a committee of Dunn, Hearst and OSmith - at least the first two should be steady reception performers.Did anyone else grab two top WRs?

I think this is who I picked, haven't looked at it since I dumped Stewart and added Canidate:QB - Trent GreenQB - Matt HasselbeckQB - Drew BledsoeRB - Eddie GeorgeRB - Troy HambrickRB - Warrick DunnRB - Trung CanidateWR - Charles RogersWR - Donald DriverWR - Amani ToomerWR - Johnny MortonWR - Reggie WayneWR - James ThrashTE - Alge CrumplerTE - Doug JolleyK - Jason HansonK - Phil DawsonDE - Kansas CityDE - Seattle

QB: Brady, Bledsoe, HasselbeckI thought all three of these guys were good values and would provide solid points through out the season. Hasselbeck has lots of upside and I think could have a BIG year.RB: Portis, Zeroue, O Smith, HearstI liked getting a top RB here and Portis should get a good number of receptions out of the backfield. Zeroue was a risk, but I like his pass catching abilities. O Smith is my upside guy and Hearst was the best value at his cost in my opinion.WR: Horn, Lelie, J Walker, T Brown, McCardell, FinneranI went with Horn as my quality guy who produces consistently every year. I think Lelie is poised for a breakout year. Walker is a flyer on a guy who has a lot of upside and had a nice preseason. Sherman seems to really like him. I am hoping the other guys put up average numbers and provide adequate points. TE: Franks, CrumplerWent with 2 middle of the road TE's. Didn't want to spend the points on the top 3. I think Franks will have a solid year and gets his share of receptions and TD's. Crumpler is in a position to have a breakout year if the Atlanta offense can click as everyone is thinking, especially before Vick returns.K: Stover, NedneyDEF: Buffalo, AtlantaOn the Defenses I went with teams with young defenses who I think are going to have good years. I really like Buffalo if they get Milloy.Overall, my strategy was to mix good point scorers with young players who have a lot of potential and I think will have breakout years (Lelie, O Smith, Zeroue, Hasselbeck, Crumpler). I have some common by weeks in wk 8 & 10, but I'll just have to wait and see what happens.This contest was a great idea! :thumbup:

Oh well, what do I know:


T Brady - $5

D Bledsoe - $5

K Collins - $4

All 3 represent MAJOR $$ bargins in my opin


M Faulk - $66

W Dunn - $16

D Staley - $5

L Jordan - $2

I found this to be the toughest combo to pick - almost did Portis/Dunn/Staley/Hearst but me thinks Portis will either get dinged or wear down in 2nd half - Faulk, Warner and Rams are out for REDEMPTION this year


A Toomer - $24

Q Morgan - $20

D Jax - $17

R Wayne - $7

T Streets - $5

R Ferguson - $4

I like my choices here with Ferguson being the only finger-cross. I think Toomer has a MEGA-STUD year...we'll see


A Crumpler - $3

M Pollard - $3

Originally thought about one of the 3 but changed my mind thinking a Q-Mor/Crumpler or Pollard combo would out score a Gonzo/Randle El combo


A Vinateri - $4

R Longwell - $3

Flip a coin here


Ravens - $5

Giants - $2

I'll take the bait on the return of the Ravens D - also think G-Men have BIG CHIP this year and represent real good value @ $2 (especially with B Mitchell)


I remain - Quacky :wacko:

My teamQB - Because you have 3 X #starters at QB (as opposed to 2 X #starters for all other positions) I think your best bet is low priced starters with upside due to the higher exposure.CollinsK StewartHolcombeRB - Went with one RB1 and 3 guys with upside. RBs in general appeared to be overpricedT BarberDunnO SmithD StaleyWR - Wanted big name guys with potential for big games, as well as a tandem of talented WR1 and WR2 from a teamBurressHoltReedGallowayBryantBradfordTE - I really think that Shockey is going to pull away from the group this year. Like Graham for his upsideShockeyGrahamK and D - Best of the choices that were on sale

What the heck. Here's who you definitely should not have picked...

QB - Hasselbeck, Ramsey, Holcombe $16 For the price of Warner or Brooks I get three guys who should have the potential for several high-scoring games. Hopefully I get a good game out of at least 1 each week.

RB - M.Faulk, Hambrick, Dunn, O.Smith $106 Wanted one top-notch stud who can hopefully carry me through some weeks. Faulk can take advantage of the point/reception and he has what should be an easy playoff schedule. Hambrick should get some looks in dallas and Dunn seems underrated - hopefully one will come through with big games periodically. O.smith is wishful thinking but I wanted some upside and he should also have a decent playoff schedule if he can just secure a job.

WR - Quincy Morgan, Darrell Jackson, Ike Hilliard, R. Wayne, B.Finneran, S.Smith $56 Two fantasy starters who seemed undervalued to put up consistent points with a few good games scattered in. Two relatively inexpensive number twos who I think can make some noise, and what seemed like the two best $2 #2s to save cash.

TE- B.Miller, K.Brady - $5. both can catch a fair number of passes and thus score moderately well. Neither posess huge upside, but for $5 there's little downside risk.

K - M.Anderson, J.Reed $6- Looking for the potential for high-scoring games at a cheap price. The $2's just didn't seem to have the potential for high scores and the higher priced ones weren't that much better.

Def - Carolina, New England $11- Probably a waste of cap money but I've just got a thing for Carolina's defense this year. I think New England can have some good games as well (although the Milloy thing is a bit...alarming). There are surely bargains to be had here, but I wasn't confident enough that I could find them. I don't think Jax and Sea are the answers.


Unless I missed over a few, not one person wanted LT or Harrison? Well, here goes my squad:

Let me preface this by saying I think playing the MBSL's helped out the preperation. I don't think being conservative will win this league. It's gonna take a little risk, and a little luck. I'll try to explain a little of this as I go through my picks.

QB: Holcombe (9/$2), Boller (5/$2), Carter (3/$2) = $6

All 3 of these guys pose some sort of a playing time risk. I seriously toyed going with both Couch and Holcombe, but decided against this. I know it's just preseason, but it looks like Carter's job in safe. At the same time, I think the value for $2 each is tremendous. If just one of these guys puts up top 15 numers, I'll be happy. Spending $6 will really help me out in the other 3 skill pos.

RB: Tomlinson (6/$71), M. Williams (6/$7), Staley (3/$5), Crockett (8/$2)

I really wanted Portis or Duece, but didn't like the fact that their bye week was the first week of the playoffs. I'm thinking some people didn't pay attention to this. :P The other top tier RB's were too injury risky for me. Staley at $5 was great value, I'm actually surprised more people didn't grab him. As far as Moe and Crockett goes, they will score TD's. This is huge, especially in a survivor league. If Crockett provides me with points for any one of the weeks, I'll be happy. But they have the potential to score multiple TD's in one game, and that could possibly outscore a Corey Dillon or an Alexander.

WR: Harrison (7/$59), Morton (9/$6), (Boerighter (9/$2), S. Moss (5/$4), Patten (10/$2), Finneran (8/$2)

Harrison is a stud in the pt/rec format. The other 5 guys I think have good upside. And am thinking at least one of them will hit each week. I wasn't too worried here, b/c I think a lot of the dollar values were too high to get a "sure thing" as a #2 receiver. You just never know outside the top 5 or 6. Plus, I'll treat Heap as my #2.

TE: Heap (5/$24), Lewis (3/$2)

Originally, I had 2 $2 TE's and spend a little more at WR; but then I looked at the scoring again, and I just think with the required TE, Heap is huge here. He'll perform like a #2 WR at the TE position. Lewis was a crapshoot.

DEF: Houston (5/$2), Buffalo (9/$2)

Simple enough, I took the $2 defenses that FBG projected the highest # of TD's for.

[K] I don't even remember which $2 kickers I took

All in all, I was pumped to get LT, Harrison, and Heap on my team. Staleys makes a cheap #2 RB and if my other guys at WR and RB hit once or twice during the season, I think I've got a shot.

A little bit of risk, and a little bit of luck........

[Edited for grammer and changed "Staley at $5 was a no brainer" to "Staley at $5 was good value ;) ]

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BostonFred caught on to this, I wonder who else did....

With a Survivor style setup the combo of A Bryant and J Galloway is a cheap and effective solution for maximizing value. Their cost is $3 and $4, for a combined $7. Taking the best player per week their 2002 numbers compare very favorably with top WRs. For comparison I will use Plaxico Burress. The combo outscored Burress 8 times in 2002 and year end numbers are virtually identical. Galloway and Bryant's total points in 2002 would have placed them 12th overall.

Week Burress Bryant / Galloway

1 2.1 15

2 2 19.8

3 21.4 14

4 15.9 7.7

5 22.9 18.9

6 13.9 19.4

7 22.5 18.6

8 10.9 16.2

9 46.3 11.6

10 8.1 8.9

11 7.8 33.4

12 14.5 15

13 14.3 2

14 24 11.3

15 17.7 6.4

16 8.2 30

Total 252.5 248.2

For 2003 I see no reason to assume a change, and Glenn is a nonissue. There is no other proven WR1 and WR2 on a team that can be had as cheaply or effectively. Rather than relying on upside for a WR3 this is a reliable and effective solution to extracting WR value.

Qb's:MaddoxBradyCollinsRb's:FaulkBarberO. SmithE. SmithWr's:PorterGallowayBradfordFergusonPatten? Can't rememberTe's:D. ClarkC. LewisK:GrammaticaMareD:CowboysBucs?With one point per reception, I spent over half the cap on Faulk and Barber and went cheap most other places because of it. I really like my qb's, 1 should have a huge day each week, and my wideouts are a mixed bag of cheap guys with decent upside. Hoping a couple will produce each week. Good Luck.

QB: Hasselbeck, 8Ramsey, 6Holcombe, 2RB: R. Williams, 68S. Davis, 35Moe Williams, 7G. Hearst, 6WR: J. Rice, 24A. Lelie, 14A.Johnson, 5K.Johnson, 4Boerighter, 3Jurevicius, 2TE: Pollard, 3T.Johnson, 2K: Akers, 5Stover, 2D: Buffalo, 2Seattle, 2

QB: Green, Brady, CollinsRB: Portis, E. Smith, O. Smith, PittmanWR: Holt, Morgan, Lelie, Wayne, Galloway, PattenTE: Crumpler, MillerPK: Akers, CarneyDT: New Eng, Buf


D Culpepper - $22

T Green - $10

K Stewart - $3


C Portis - $62

A Zereoue - $25

S Mack - $12

M Anderson - $2


D Jackson - $17

A Lelie - $14

J Morton - $6

Kev Johnson - $4

P Warrick - $3

B Gilmore - $2


B Miller - $3

D Clark - $3


P Dawson - $2

M Stover - $2


Miami - $6

Jacksonville - $2

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HOW TO TURN $7 INTO $40BostonFred caught on to this, I wonder who else did....With a Survivor style setup the combo of A Bryant and J Galloway is a cheap and effective solution for maximizing value. Their cost is $3 and $4, for a combined $7. Taking the best player per week their 2002 numbers compare very favorably with top WRs. For comparison I will use Plaxico Burress. The combo outscored Burress 8 times in 2002 and year end numbers are virtually identical. Galloway and Bryant's total points in 2002 would have placed them 12th overall.
Having never done a survivor format before, this is the single most interesting thing I've seen in this thread.I toyed with adding Galloway over and over and over, but NEVER considered both Bryant & Galloway. The added benefit is their week 3 bye really reduces the impact of having 2 WRs sit in one week and scoring 3 of the other 4.....I was so fixated on not duplicating bye weeks that this thought never crossed my feeble little mind.Live and learn.Can't wait to watch the teams fall by the wayside!
QB: Manning 17, Brady 5, Stewart 3Wanted Manning for his consistent production and hoping the other 2 have some blowup games - Stewart to run a couple in.RB: Tomlinson 71, George 25, Thomas 9, Shipp 3Need LT to carry me here. Think Shipp becomes the starter at some point.WR: Chrebet 9, Wayne 7, Rogers 6, McCardell 4, Kennison 3, Tim Brown 3 Had to go cheap here.TE: Gonzalez 21, Becht 2With 2 pts/rec for TE felt strongly about getting 1 of the big 3. Think Gonzo will get more TD's then Shockey & Heap.K: Vanderjagt 4, Hanson 22 dome KickersDef: St. Louis 3, Dallas, 3Hope for the best.


Unless I missed over a few, not one person wanted LT or Harrison? Well, here goes my squad:

Let me preface this by saying I think playing the MBSL's helped out the preperation. I don't think being conservative will win this league. It's gonna take a little risk, and a little luck. I'll try to explain a little of this as I go through my picks.

QB: Holcombe (9/$2), Boller (5/$2), Carter (3/$2) = $6

RB: Tomlinson (6/$71), M. Williams (6/$7), Staley (3/$5), Crockett (8/$2)

WR: Harrison (7/$59), Morton (9/$6), (Boerighter (9/$2), S. Moss (5/$4), Patten (10/$2), Finneran (8/$2)

TE: Heap (5/$24), Lewis (3/$2)

DEF: Houston (5/$2), Buffalo (9/$2)
This STUD theory I toyed with (McNabb, M Faulk, Harrison).When I added the season projections for this star-studded/scrub-filled roster versus the one I submitted (much more balanced), the Total Projected points was within ~150. I was amazed at how close it was!

But in the end, I just thought to myself, one injury and you're done!

Somebody's got to take the chance, eh Tiger? Good Luck

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I think it'll be really interesting to look at the percentages for each player whenever David Dodds posts that info. I'm guessing some of the least picked players were James Thrash and Stephen Alexander. I couldn't quite understand the high prices for those two.Hasselbeck, O. Smith, Staley, Crumpler, Holcomb, Brady, Bledsoe, Collins, and Galloway appear to be among the more popular picks.Personally I tried to get guys who could play above their prices. Marvin Harrison and Ricky Williams are great, but I just don't see them being good values at their costs. They have little room to improve IMO. Although I paid a ton for Faulk, I believe he was a decent buy at the price because his potential is so great in this system.Quincy Morgan is another guy who I think could easily outplay his cost. He was more expensive than I had hoped and expected, but I think he's capable of playing up to a much higher cost. Although I didn't select either of them, I also liked Toomer and Chad Johnson as WR values. The thing that worried me about Toomer is that he really only seemed to become a big time stud once Hilliard went down. Nevertheless, he's a pretty good buy at 24 dollars.

I'm surprised how few people are taking top QBs. If I had to choose between Eddie and a bunch of scrub QBs, or a bunch of top QBs and a scrub RB, I would take the top QBs every time, especially in the survivor format. I also noticed a lot of Dunn and Onterrio Smith out there (myself included). Could be the best $22 on the board, especially if you don't need them both to pan out every week.


$5/10 Brady NEP

$5/7 Maddox PIT

$2/9 Holcombe CLE



$66/5 MFaulk STL

$6/6 OSmith MIN

$6/4 Pittman TBB

$6/10 Hearst SFO



$25/3 Booker CHI

$14/10 Lelie DEN

$8/4 Hilliard NYG

$6/6 Rogers DET

$3/9 Kennison KCC

$2/6 Caldwell SDC



$22/5 Heap BAL

$3/8 Jolley OAK



$4/10 Vinatieri NEP

$3/4 Brown SEA



$9/4 Tampa TBB

$5/8 Atlanta ATL


I wanted as much diversity as possible, throughout QB, RB, WR, & TE you'll notice not a single team was repeated, probably not that difficult to achieve, but nonetheless keeps my eggs from breaking in the same basket.

QB - minimalist, one of those three should have a great week each & every week.

RB - MFaulk is my anchor, I looked at reasonably priced pass catching RB's to play RBBC for my #2 spot

WR - my weakest position, but should be able to produce in a 1pt/rec format

TE - wanted top 3 to take advantage of 2pt/rec & make up what I might miss out on my WR gambles

DT - wanted the best combo, for points per $'s DT's have the best value to take the top tier DT available. I think ATL complements TBB schedule very nicely.

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