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Number of teams qualifying for Championship round in FPC (1 Viewer)


New to FPC this year. After reading official rules something doesn't add up to me....

According to FPC rules: "Each league will have a minimum of two and a maximum of three teams qualifying for the Championship Round." But is this really true?

FPC rules: "At the conclusion of Week 11, two teams from each league will be awarded an automatic berth to the Championship Round and a chance at the $250,000 Grand Prize in Weeks 14, 15 and 16.

These two teams will be:

Seed 1 - the team with the best regular season record,

Seed 2 - the remaining team with the highest point total during the regular season."

Regardless of league playoff results, seeds 1 & 2 will make championship round. The League Champion will also earn a berth to the Championship Round. So here is where the 2 min & 3 max comes from.

However, also according to FPC rules: "In the event of a tie between teams in the Week 13 League Championship Game, both teams will earn a berth into the Championship Round."

....so what if seeds three & four upset seeds one & two in the league playoffs then tie in league championship game? According to the rules then, it seems possible for FOUR teams from that league to advance to the championship round, despite rules stating a maximum of three teams from any individual league may qualify for the championship round.

I am probably missing something. Small, but it could happen.

Thanks and good luck!

You are 100% correct and good job for reading the rules ;)

There may be an instance where there could be more than 3 teams making the Championship round. It really should say "Each league will typically have a minimum of two and a maximum of three teams qualifying for the Championship Round."


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