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NY Jets at Tennessee (1 Viewer)

Damian has been excellent against Cromartie or Walls, yet IIRC 2 catches on one drive, 3 on another, not in much of the rest of the time

Titans are smiling and there's a definite mood change. It was working so hard all effort all gritting teeth type before.

That last drive wasn't exactly awesome by Locker. It seems most catches were diving. I'll take it and considerable progress for him worth being excited about, but this Titans team dropped 10k balls last year so to see these diving catches is just awesome.

CJ not used much. Jets DL looks great. I don't know if running a lot in the second is a good idea, but they have to make an effort with this lead.

Reggie Bush highlights...he finally looks like the darling he was on draft day, several years later

Locker over the middle to Wright while under pressure....that hasn't happened this whole year, progress

Derrick Morgan ...again Geno gets rid of it. Jets OL took that series off. Punt.
Jets penalty running OB, Titans get five yards closer

Locker smashed, reaching across looked like groin maybe inside right leg. Replay shows hit to chest.

IDK what's hurting him


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