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NY Jets at Tennessee (1 Viewer)

Titans are catching freaking everything.

The hit was late but nowhere near as dirty as the one that took out hill

kerley tips it, looked like INT, fell back to him...very lucky.

Again, if the QB is the one running and falling down/diving into the end zone he shouldn't get forward progress.

Titans with nice punt return, camera on sideline congrats helmet slaps, didn't see yardline. Jets couldn't afford good return there tho

In the middle of last, nice play to Gates who ran OB. He's looked good in every Jets game when he gets some usage. IDK why they don't use him more. He's very effective.

Battle running wide, where CJ should be running, and of course stopped. Lougains can't call running plays

Fitz fired so hard ball slipped out of his hand and went into the dirt by Nate. Waste of sweet field position

Smith awesome pass, composure, and then grab by Winslow....wow as it's falling apart crumbling...huge play

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Followed that up with pass at Holmes' feet, he didn't even turn, to avoid a sack. Then a powell run and fumble after he hit ground so it's ok

Winslow gets to a spot for a tiny pass.

Awesome fake by Geno, Titans were tackling RB but he kept it and ran for 8 or so....penalty play doesn't matter

Green has stunk all day so on fourth jets toss the ball to him on a key run play that's stuffed

I'm ready to pull the plug on Geno now. That's not a rookie mistake, that's a "I'm a complete ####### moron that will never win anything" mistake


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