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NYG D on CBSportsline (1 Viewer)


Kind of an odd situation, but I know a lot of you guys are in leagues hosted by CBS and I'm wondering if anyone else noticed an overnight change in NYG D. Sorry for the length, but I want to be clear about the situation...

I & my opponent both had our final guys going in the NYG/DAL game last night, so I was paying pretty close attention to both the game & CBS live scoring. He had a lead & Witten, I had TO & NYG D, so his lead evaporated when the game started (since my D was immediately credited with 15 pts for the initial shut out). This see-sawed back and forth as the Witten & TO gained yards and the Giants gave up points & recorded sacks, etc.

Near the end of the game, when the Giants D sacked Romo for the safety, I jumped out to a bit of a lead, but Witten caught that key first down pass, then DAL scored again and my lead was down to just one point. Thankfully there was no further scoring by any of our players and I went to bed thinking I had squeeked by with a narrow 85-84 win.

At the time, the NYG D was credited with 15 pts on the live scoring board (for 20 pts allowed, 4 sacks & 1 safety). This morning, they have identical stats, but they have only 12 pts and my team has now lost 84-82. Our league awards 2 pts/sack & 4 pts/safety (equaling my 12 pts). I know these scoring rules are accurate because 4 pts for a safety is what I use in the league I run & I've lobbied against the 2 pts/sack because IMO it's excessive.

That being the case, the "extra" 3 pts my D showed last night must have been for pts allowed. This morning I checked our league scoring online and find that Ds get 3 pts for allowing 15-19 pts, but at 20+ they get 0. Since I play in a few leagues, all different, I honestly didn't know the exact levels for defensive pts allowed scoring in this one. What I DO know is that the NYG D showed those 3 extra points last night after the game was final.

Did anyone else notice an overnight scoring change in the NYG D? I've been using CBS for years, and I've seen some "hiccups" in defense scoring before, but it's always been due to a D/ST TD that was initially scored wrong or not at all. Personally, I've never seen something like that in relation to pts allowed. In my experience, that's always virtually instantaneous & certianly not something that takes overnight to correct.

I ask because the commish in this particular league has been known to pull some "shady" stuff in the past, and we are neck & neck in the standings (this is a no-playoff league). I know he has the ability to go in & change the scoring rules (from say 15-20=3pts to 15-19=3pts), but I'd like to think he wouldn't resort to those tactics.

Other than the obvious "don't play in a league if you don't trust the commish," does anyone have any insight? Or maybe even notice something similar from last night to today?


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