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NYG Def no love in Rankings? (1 Viewer)

Maui Monster

Why have the Giants been consistently ranked low in Cheatsheets? Their ability to dominate a team like Pittsburgh would seem like an upgrade. Granted they had the melt-down vs the Browns, but after that they have been lights-out.

A NYG team vs Dallas who has 172 yds last week of offense and Brad Johnson starting seems like a very good match up.

I was thinking the same thing. I have NYG & Panthers for Ds, and last week on Monday I put the Giants in thinking they were good for 6 sacks vs. Big Ben probably a few picks, but after the cheatsheets came out, I saw their low ranking and erred on the side of the experts. Didn't cost me the game, but still hate to see me wrongly second guessing myself based on FBG rankings.

But it's not isolated to last week; they have maybe been in the top 5 once, and rarely are even a top 10 ranked D. Not sure why.

When I saw the rankings this week I had to laugh. The Giants are a top 5 D this week without a doubt. FBG rankings are what they are: a nice guide, but ultimately just that -- a guide.

NYG now the top scoring Defense in my leagues... They should be considered a must start. I will be interested to see their rankings going forward.

I completely agree. NYG Def is underrated. But they do have a tough schedule ahead of them so I am looking to sell them.


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