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Oakland @ NYY 10/3 Wildcard game!! (1 Viewer)


The Yankees are #1 in the AL for home runs. Oakland is #2. Both teams had an era under 4.00 (only 6 AL teams did this). They split the 6 game regular season series 3-3, with each team winning their home series. 

Fiers or Edwin Jackson are looking like Oakland's likely starter, but with their high fly ball rate it could go to the bullpen quickly. From my understanding it's looking like NY will roll out Tanaka or Happ.

The Yankees are probably going to be favored in this game for a myriad of reasons, but Oakland had the 4th best road record in the majors and have definitely surprised a lot of people this season. 

Here's hoping it's a great game.

Can’t believe how far Severino has fallen. 2 months ago and he would have been the unequivocal starter for this game (based on talent and production/results).  

A's announced Hendriks will get the start.
Oakland has one starter (Edwin Jackson) of their 11 pitchers today, and will only use him if the game goes to extra innings. 

Should be a blast watching a team using Tampa's shtick in a playoff game. Fangraphs and other stat nerds have been wanting this in the playoffs for a couple years.

Liam seems like he calmed down a lot at the end of the first inning. He should be ready in the second. But he's out. Here comes Trivino.

Bald guy's doing a great job of distracting Marlins Man to the point that I think he just went 4 straight pitches without looking into his phone. 

Boone is horrible. No reason to bring severino out for the 5th. And Betances shouldn't come in with runners on. It should be green. 

Thanks, Rodney. To the surprise of no one he comes in and immediately procedes to give up hits and runs. Dynamite performance. 

It was a good run, Oakland. Way to keep that failing in an elimination streak alive. Hopefully they can continue with the regular season momentum next year. 

Ok now maybe game is over lol. Since when did "bullpen game" turn into "let's use our closer for 3 innings because we don't trust anyone else in our bullpen"?

Fantastic atmosphere last night.  Sevy's first inning and then Judge crushing one just lit up the place and it never really stopped.  I have no voice left but it was worth it.


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