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Oakland RB's - McFadden & Fargas ACTIVE (1 Viewer)

Andy Hicks

Post any updates here

Please note that this is not a who do I start thread regarding this player.

Any posts not relating to the latest injury news will be deleted

Please go to the assistant coach forum if you have a lineup decision to make or bump a more recent thread with discussion other than news about this(these) players status for today.

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Fargas will get the bulk of the carries I believe. McFadden is still limping around so Bush prob will get a little more than usual.

from nfl.com

Raiders inactives: QB Marques Tuiasosopo (3rd), WR Todd Watkins, DB Rashad Baker, DE Derrick Burgess, T James Marten, C John Wade, TE Ben Troupe. TE John Madsen.

Analysis: RB Justin Fargas is active and expected to start. Darren McFadden is active, but is more of a risk with his toe injury. If you have both, Fargas is the better start.


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