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odd injury to Deloatch? (1 Viewer)


CB Curtis Deloatch was hospitalized on Tuesday for what Coughlin called "a turf burn infection." The Giants were hopeful he would be released from the hospital this morning. His status for Sunday's game is in doubt....


I know any cut or burn can get infected but I'm surprised he may not play. Wow must be rrrrreally infected

conflicting report“Curtis DeLoatch came in yesterday and he had a turf burn infection. So they took him immediately and put him in the hospital and started the IV. If not late this afternoon, hopefully tomorrow morning, they will allow him to come home. I just talked to him a minute ago. He feels good; he feels better today. He feels stronger. He is eating well. Hopefully, as I said, he will be able to come out of the hospital tomorrow morning and come to the stadium and get to work.”then COughlin saying he's sticking with Deloatch as his starter“Have you played corner in this league?” Coughlin said. “You are going to have games where you have to line up the next snap because somehow, someway everyone gets beat at least some of the time. It is a resiliency, it is toughness, it is a learning curve. And I think what he did can be corrected. And I think part of it is just another experience for a young corner learning, during the course of the game, some of the savvy things that go along with playing that position in our league.”

Didn't a few Rams players have the same problem last year or the year before?? I'm no doctor but I would assume some infections can become severe enough to cause missed time. Braylon Edwards missed a game or two this season with an infection in his arm. If memory serves me, I think he needed a 6 or 8-inch incision in his arm to clear the infection.

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Hopefully the injury allows Corey Webster to take over the starting slot permanently. DeLoatch has been horrible the past month.


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