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Offer for the 1.07 (1 Viewer)


Contract Dynasty league. 10 team, 0.25ppr,  28 active, 8 IR, 10 taxi 

I have the 1.04 and I am looking to grab the 1.07. 

I have 2 19 firsts, 2 19 seconds and the following RBs - ajayi, drake, gore, buck allen, booker, doug martin, ty montgomery, ware, dixon (taxi), Foreman (taxi), aaron jones (taxi), jamal williams (taxi)

Trade ideas: 

Drake/Gore + 19 second for 1.07

Foreman + 19 2nd (or first?) for 1.07

Ajayi + ?? for 1.07 

GB RBs for 1.07 


They will throw Drake/Gore +19 2nd and Foreman + 19 2nd back in your face. Clearly not enough to be considered.

Ajayi plus a first may work and I think you are better off keeping the GB rb's rather than trading them for a pick.

I don't think the Drake offer is that far off. It just depends if the other owner likes Drake.

I think the Foreman plus a 1st has a chance, again it depends if this owner likes Foreman

Ajayi plus a 2nd might work, but same as above

GB backs plus a 1st may work as well.


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