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Offered a trade of Odell Beckham for Keenan Allen and Isiah Crowell (1 Viewer)


I have been offered a trade of Odell Beckham for Keenan Allen and Isiah Crowell,

Seems a little tempting.

I have for my RB Kamara, Ingram and Phillip Lindsey so I feel I can afford to loose Crowell

My WR are John Brown, Marquis Goodwin, and Cortland Sutton...I think Beckham would be an upgrade.

I am a little worried about the Giant offense and the Charger offense looks great. Allen is not getting TD looks

and Beckham does even though Beckham only has 2 TD to Allens 1 TD

Should I do the trade


Leave a link and I will answer yours.

depends on your starting requirements, if only 1 RB than certainly, if two that makes it pretty risky but I would probably still chance it.


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