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Offered Alex Collins for Ridley...thoughts?? (1 Viewer)


Playing in a 13 team best ball league that gives 3 points for RB/TE/WR touchdowns and .05 for receptions. I am currently in 2nd place and my team consist of the following:

Bell, Crowell, Hyde, Clement, Gore, Ware and Mack at RB

Enunwa, Evans, Goodwin, Green, Meredith, Ridley and Stills at WR

O.J Howard and Olsen at TE

Bortles and Brees at QB

Cowboys and Panthers at DF

Colts kicker.

Pretty weak at RB due to Bell not playing, injuries and inefficiency. The initial offer was Collins for AJ Green then Ridley came into play. Can't decide If I should hold onto my WRs and see what happens with RBs or take the plunge. Not sure I like how many carries Buck Allen is getting in the Raven's backfield as well.

Thanks for looking and I will definitely take a look at your questions as well. 

I would keep my WR's.  You look to be in desperate need of a TE now that Howard is on the shelf for 2-4 weeks.  I would look to make a move at that position first. 

I'd rather have Green and Ridley than Collins. Clearly you need to focus on your TE's instead of a RB.


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