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***Offical Cowboys Vs. Redskins MNF Thread*** (1 Viewer)

And, of course, yours has the ***'s with it.Are you telling me that Tony Dorsett couldn't outrun John Riggins?

Alright Julius, they're giving Tiki TDs everywhere in NY tonight. I need a little help to stay ahead.

Bledsoe recognized the illegal formation and called a TO. Flozell was uncovered...Crayton probably was in the wrong spot.

Good run JJ Express.Edit to add: That's 5 carries on the first drive.

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Was Lemar Marshall in as the starting MLB? I missed the intros and don't see him in the box score yet.

did ramsey start? nfl.com play by play has Ramsey making these completions.i thought Brunell was named the stater? :bag:


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