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*** OFFICIAL *** 2014 fbg cribbage tourney (1 Viewer)

grateful zed


GO !!!

1 dragons


2 zow


3 quizguy66


4 bryhamm


5 bodeine


6 gmbacm


7 maggot brain


8 ffjunk

9 mr ected

---------------------Inca 911

10 inca 911

===============================Inca 911

11 parmcat


12 strykerpks

13 short corner

----------------------short corner

14 nysfl2

15 grateful


16 identikit

17 sport henry


18 moleculo


19 galmgren


20 guncrib


21 badmojo


22 kardplayer


23 tecumseh


24 fbg26

25 radiohead


26 firefighter

27 bud kilmer

-------------------------anthony borbely

28 anthony borbely

29 larry boy

30 Senor Schmutzig

Losers Brackett - as you get knocked out of winners bracket you will play others in a fcfs basis.




















mr ected




bud kilmer


maggot brain

----------------------------maggot brain

loser of larry boy/Senor Schmutzig


32 -

31 -

30 bodeine - forfiet

29 parmcat - forfeit

28 badmojo - lost l.2

27 bud kilmer - lost l.2

26 GAlmgren - withdraw w.2

25 bryhamm - lost l.2

24 larrry boy

23 schmutz

22 zow

21 mr ected


FORMAT free tourny

1. March Madness-type bracket tourney (32 max)

2. Games to be played on Yahoo Cribbage site (Once the match is set up, it's up to the two opponents to figure out in which room to play and the time)

3. Match will be 3 out of 5 games to 121 (skunks will NOT count as two wins). double elimination.

4. Both winner and loser should post the result in this thread

5. If you know your opponent for the next round while the current round is still ongoing, it is okay to try and get your next match started

6. If someone blows off a set match vs. their opponent a few times or just will not reply to set up the match in the first place it will be considered a forefeit. I will try to be lenient on this, given peoples' different availibity schedules, but let's try to keep this moving.

7. we will start at the begining of january when ff is over.

8. semis will be best 4/7, finals 5/9.

9. seeding will be random.

10. there will be a losers bracket where the winner must beat the finalist twice.

past winners:

2007 - moleculo

2008 - Gamblor

2009 - everyone

2010 - gmbacm

2011 - Senor Schmutzig

2012 - radiohead

2013 - zed

the more crib in the world the better. :thumbup:

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Wish there were a better site than yahoo but I like the best of 5 this year.

Also think we should have a week or 10 day time limit unless both players post here that schedules aren't matching up. Life happens but when one person keeps sending pms and posting here while we wait for the other really shows things down

Thanks for the auto-in. Looking forward to this. Like the expanded matches and I like the losers bracket addition.

we are just going to go with the signup order. i moved some because we had a couple of past winners meeting early.

dragons pm me when you're free. I am probably unavailable tonight but should be available a good chunk of tomorrow.

Dragons advances 3-1 with a lucky finish to the 4th game. Good games, Zow, good luck the rest of the way.

ETA - For the record, I also was given the Deal in all 4 games, which is something I despise about Yahoo Cribbage.

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bryhamm and I have been in touch with each other. Dunno if we'll do it tonight - maybe Friday, but just a heads up that we're figuring out what's what.



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