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***OFFICIAL* 2023 Cakeboy League - pick or quit (1 Viewer)


Black Ice Skeptic


Entry fee is $130
Payouts: $1092/$546/$182.

Rolls (mmmm):
928 shuke
919 General Malaise
815 Bananafish
710 Mr. Pickles
610 urbanhack
605 BeTheMatch
555 Frostillicus
489 Chemical X
286 (519) Bogart
286 (356) cheese
227 FishTacoTuesday
142 Dan Lambskin
111 trogg78
11 Capella/Doofenshmirtz

Dice roll: https://www.rpglibrary.org/software/securedice/
Roll 1 d 1000 +0
Roll this set of dice 1 times
Send the signed results of this roll to yourself: [you, dumbass]
and the GM: shukies@gmail.com
with this subject: [FBG username]

Failure to follow these instructions will disqualify your roll. If I don't get the email, it didn't happen.

Highest number drafts first.
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In, and most likely solo for this year.

It has been confirmed by multiple sources that the just recently successful team of #buttstuff has decided to part ways. Original founder and owner Bogart will continue on with drafting and day to day management of the team while we wish our former co-owner (and newly quitted co-worker) best thoughts on their future endeavors.
Staying at 14 or letting ChiefD make it 15?
I like Chief. If we go to 15, would we want to consider cutting back starting lineups by one or something? Only thing I worry about is fielding a team and having something worthwhile on the waiver wire.

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