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*** Official 5th Pick Thread *** (1 Viewer)


I'm looking at 5th in PPR, but the thread is for whatever scoring format

Seems like Antonio Brown is the favorite here.  Or if someone takes him earlier, then whichever one of the top 4 RB's they left behind.  Anyone thinking otherwise?

And if AB is the pick, who are you looking to get on the way back?

Just based on a quick look at the ADP on FFCalc, I like pretty much all of the top 19 guys, so I'm assuming at least one of those guys will be around at pick 20.  Although as good as a 1-2 combo of AB and Keenan/Davante/whoever would look, I can't say I'd be thrilled starting out WR/WR with as much WR depth as there is so I'd really be hoping for a RB to fall

I hope this picks up steam as I think this pick is maybe the most interesting of the year. 

I agree with Brown. However, I like my team better when I go RB. The WR's that come back in round two (Green, Hilton, Evans) appear to usually be better than the RB's (Howard, Mixon, McKinnon). I find myself liking Barkley / Green better than Brown / Mixon. 

Then in round three I have been grabbing Kelce if he is there.

Really like Barkley / Green / Kelce

 We pick our draft spots in my leagues, that order is random draw

Just got the call that Im first to pick in one of my leagues for the first time ever 

I took 5 with the idea of getting one of the "big 4 rbs" or Brown. I'll be happy either way I think.

Gurley is easily #1 for me, kind of regretting not taking 1 but I don't like being on the turns

12 team PPR. Start two RB, three WR, one TE

Bell, Gurley, DJ, Kamara, Zeke

2nd round grabbed Allen

3rd round grabbed TY

4th round grabbed Collins

5th grabbed Miller

In a PPR League, I agree that Antonio Brown is the right pick at 1.05. 

However in a standard league, I prefer to go RB.   The RB tiers available at 2.08 (e.g., Jordan Howard, Shady, McKinnon) didn't exactly appeal to me.    I took Alvin Kamara at 1.05, then took Davante Adams at 2.08 and Tyreek Hill at 3.05.    I lucked out and got Royce Freeman at 4.08 who I had hoped would be there.  

I took Mark Ingram later as insurance and a flex position to tandem with Kamara after Week 5.  

Cowboysfan8 said:
How'd you make out the next few rds?
Not very well imo.  I took McCaffery in the 2nd and then Amari Cooper in the 3rd.  I was going to pick Michael Thomas in the 2nd but he was drafted in the spot before me.  First 3 rounds, I dont feel like I did very well.  

Had the 5th pick in a 14 team ppr. Big money league, short benches. Only one backup spot at each position. 


Davonte Freeman



A Robinson


Could have gone in a few directions at 5. In a 14 team league, I hated the expected RB as my 1 if I went AB. Contemplated Fournette and Gordon. Went Kamara for PPR upside.

Freeman was too good to pass on in the second. The few WR I wanted in the third all got sniped so I went Kelce. Bad defense, young gunslinger QB and rarely gonna see double coverage. I like the upside over what was there at WR. 

WIth how my first 3 rounds went, I wanted 2 high volume WR 1s in offenses without a ton of competition and probable high passing attempts.  got fitz and crabs for that. . Got a high upside WR1 in ARob. I think the bears improve but another probable high pass attempt team. Plenty left on the Waiver here if he flames out. 

Not very well imo.  I took McCaffery in the 2nd and then Amari Cooper in the 3rd.  I was going to pick Michael Thomas in the 2nd but he was drafted in the spot before me.  First 3 rounds, I dont feel like I did very well.  
Love CMC. Not a fan of Cooper. No TY, Hill or Fitz? Would have taken any one of them over Cooper. 

Before my draft I did a ton of mocks. I highly doubt you will like your team as much with Brown on it. Very good WR's will make it back to you. 

12 Team PPR. Redraft. Start 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE, 2 RB/WR/TE, Kicker, Defense. 20 roster spots.

Draft in progress, started:



A. Rodgers

J. Gordon

D. Henry

J. Crowder

R. Woods



A. Morris


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I like Kamara. He's going to catch a ton of passes plus could have a thousand yards rushing. What's not to like?

I don't like wr early as the drop off at rb is steep.

Had the 5 tonight in 1 pt ppr

Was hoping someone would take AB, didn't happen. I hated all my mocks when I took AB at 5.

I took him anyway 

1 Brown

2 Tyreek

3 Mixon ( rbs get pounded early and often in this league every yr)

4 R Freeman  :unsure:

5 Watson ( I ALWAYS wait on QB, was taking P Barber here, he went one pick before me)  <_<

6 Ertz (keeper, we keep one player drafted after Rd 3)

7 Carson

8 Jordy

Did my second draft from the 5 spot (3rd league picked 12th, thank god, of course it was my local small money league). 12 team league, 1pt PPR, 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 2 flex. They eliminated K/Def this year. Just let me grab more depth. Figured i'd just give the whole draft to see whats coming through later at the 5 spot. 

1.5 David Johnson - Kamara went at 4 or he would have been my pick. I, like the majority, dont love AB(thats just so hard to say) at 5 because of the RB drop on the turn around compared to the WR drop.

2.8 Gronk - BPA by a mile. If he stays healthy... could be epic. 

3.5 TY Hilton - loved this pick. Top 10 WR in my book

4.8 Doug Baldwin - Dont love him with his knee issues, but as long as he plays, should be a PPR high end WR 2 easily in an offense devoid of reliable pass catchers. 

5.5 Mark Ingram - Ill take it as my RB 2 after the suspension (lamar miller sniped 3 picks before me)

6.8 Corey Davis - Love him as a flex. Top option in Tennessee, i think he takes a jump forward. (Lynch was sniped)

7.5 Jamison Crowder - PPR beast with Alex smith this year i think (chris carson sniped)

8.8 Peyton Barber - Starting job is his, Jones has looked bad in receiving and pass protection. Barber gives me a RB2 while ingram is suspended. May try and trade Gio for Jones though. The guy with jones has mixon. But i feel gio is the more valuable backup. 

9.5 Big Ben - Top 3 QB in my book this year, 9th QB off the board i think and i started the QB run. 

10.8 James White - PPR gold this late. Only back in NE with a defined role and brady loves/trusts him

11.5 Gio Bernard - Has a 3rd down role already, rb 1 or 2 if mixon goes down. RB 2/3 if mixon struggles. 

12.8 Mariota - My internet went down 2 picks before this pick and this is who got autodrafted. Could have been worse, but not who i would have chosen here. 

13.5 - John Brown - Was stoked with this pick. I was planning on going Keelan Cole, but he got sniped 3 picks before me. Brown was the only other player i wanted there. Flashes of what we saw his rookie year in Arizona and Crabtree on the other side couldn't be a better compliment. 

14.8 Jonathan Williams - starter while ingram is down for the first 4 games. Depth/safety pick for the first few weeks. 

15.5 Tywan Taylor - John ross was sniped 3 picks before me by the same guy who took Cole. Same scenario though, i wanted either him or taylor. So i dont feel like i lost either pick because i got one of the 2 guys i was targeting. 

Overall - I like my team. Yahoo doesn't, but that means nothing. LOL. Their rankings are so bad. My whole philosophy this year was to let my drafts come to me. Wanted a later draft spot as i love the back end of the draft this year, but so it goes. 

Obviously I have some issues at RB the first few weeks, but i think the RB's i got will keep me in it. I like where I am at after Ingram is back. Especially if barber holds onto the starting job. Planned on going more RB before barber, but just wasn't how the cards unfolded. Like my mix at WR. Love Ben, dont love Mariota, but it could have been worse for an autopick. 

hard pick to handicap.in a 10 team league you wait 11 picks as the draft goes both ways , up and down around you. was just discussing this pick with a friend I'm in a league with ( scratch draft). I think the BEST pick you can make is to take A. Rodgers.why? he's stud every year. he's always the best at his position. he has no 

'yeah, but...'

in our league the other top 10 players scored about 175-200 pts last season.Rodgers is typically in the 330-350 pt range. so right off the bat , if you select Rodgers you're 175 pts ahead of the league with just that first pick alone.you won the round.

in the second round you try to keep that momentum going, try to stay ahead of the league by always picking the highest projected scorer and filling out your roster. 

Sure you can take D. Watson a few rounds later and grab some guys like Hopkins and Keenan Allen or Mike Evans rounds 1,2..but everyone else in the league is looking to do that ! 

In mocks I'm always stuck btw AB, Barkley, or Kamara. Getting the top WR is appealing since our league can start 4 WRs and is .5 ppr. But then my #1 rb might be D. Cook in rd 2 

In mocks I'm always stuck btw AB, Barkley, or Kamara. Getting the top WR is appealing since our league can start 4 WRs and is .5 ppr. But then my #1 rb might be D. Cook in rd 2 
Nothing wrong with Cook being your #1 imo. 

I like McCaffrey more but since I love Cook I passed on CMC in one league just so I had a share of him hah. 

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In my main 20 year old league we have to do over the period of a few days because we are all lame...in process of drafting. League is skewed a bit towards WR’s in that we only have to start one RB and scoring is a tad heavier for WR’s. 

Took AB. David Johnson was there but see above. May regret it but AB has crushed it for me in the past. Just hope the legs hold out one more year. 

Next round would love to see CMac, AJ still there. Probably looking at a choice between Freeman or Ty Hill. 

Just got the draft order for my main league (14-team standard, start 3WRs).

I have literally never taken anything other than a RB in the first round, but I would definitely be tempted by AB. I think if Barkley jumped into the Top 4 I would probably take Brown over Zeke/Kamara. But if David Johnson falls I would grab him.

I'm really getting nervous about the rest of Zeke's offense crumbling around him, and the combination of non-PPR and inevitable regression means I'm not comfortable with Kamara. Honestly, I think I'd take Gordon ahead of Kamara because of the safer floor.

In terms of what that means for the second round, I'd likely be looking at pairing Brown with someone like Drake, Collins or McCoy, or Barkley with someone like Tyreek, Diggs or Thielen. I think the latter is much more attractive. My rationale is this: I want someone in the second round who I feel has RB1/WR1 upside. I think that's much more true of Hill than of any of those RBs.

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I have to draft today from the 5 spot in a 12 team,  1 pt ppr.  1/2/2/1/1 big money league.

Decision is between Kamara and Brown.  I want no part of Zeke, and the other 3 guys will be gone.

If I take Brown, best RB available in 2nd is probably Howard or Mixon.  I doubt Cook/CMc/Freeman are available.  Could go Wr/Wr 1st 2 rounds since theres a pretty good chance a quality guy falls (Allen/Thomas/Green/Adams), but then RBs suck and you're almost forced to take 1 in the 3rd (McCoy/Drake)  no matter what else is available.

If I go Kamara, I'll likely get 1 of those WRs in the 2nd... but I dont have a dominant guy at either position "on paper".  This option allows more flexibility though... and if Gronk or Kelce or a quality wr you like on paper is still there you can take them.

Really torn on what to do.


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