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Official Cedric Benson Bandwagon (1 Viewer)


Choo Choo! (they make bandwagons sound like trains now)

This guy is just so good. He's going to be the Ryan Grant of 2008 the rest of the season if he gets 10 carries this weekend

Ignore the fact that he was unemployed for so long, and that he was awful with Chicago. He's going to be so good as long as he gets 10 carries


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I understand sarcasm in response to another's post, but dood..... rolling your eyes at your own thread - WTF

ive talked myself into liking him this weekend. houston d is pretty bad. bengals have decent pass d. game may be close and grind it out.

He's starting for me w/ ADP and Forte on a bye. Actually have a pretty good feeling - 16-70-1, with a couple of catches.

I know he's Cedric Benson, but I'm rolling with him this week. My other option is Dominic Rhodes. Benson is ranked lower on FBG this week, but Benson showed me something in him last week that I hadn't seen. The final stats didn't show it, but he looked pretty good to me. I'll take Benson vs a bottom-5 rushing D over Rhodes vs TEN.

With R.Bush out, i had purchased my Benson Bandwagon ticket.....but then i exchanged it for the BJE-Express.

That means Benson will go off today for 150yds and 3-tds....


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