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***Official Fantasy Year Almost Over Thread*** (1 Viewer)


For some, it's already done. For others, it's 1-2 more weeks for most and occasional 3 more for a few others. And then BOOM....it's over.

No more scouring the WW.

No more WDIS dilemmas.

No more analyzing game logs and game film to find the next gem.

No more looking forward to your next showdown all week.

No more sweating out Monday night games, either for good or for bad.

No more early Sunday injury reports to check.

And, most importantly:

No more "I'm starting _____ over ______" threads to read.

:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

:lmao: :suds: :lmao:

Here's to already covering league dues, and a little extra so far. '08 was interesting to say the least.

Now it's on to the real bling (a.k.a spontaneous vacation fund) :lmao:

Reasons for joy:

1) Holidays

2) Playoff football (and associated FF contests)

3) FA/Draft research/prep/countdown

4) See my sig


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