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Official Game Thread: Week 1 - Ravens @ Broncos (1 Viewer)

Ravens inactives: WR Aaron Mellette, WR Deonte Thompson, DT Arthur Jones, DT Brandon Williams, LB John Simon, OL Jah Reid, C Ryan Jensen.

Broncos inactives: CB Champ Bailey, CB Quentin Jammer, TE Joel Dreessen, G John Moffitt, G Chris Kuper, RB C.J. Anderson, QB Zach Dysert.

Little (a ton) too much smack from the Donkey fans this year. Hope they get crushed tonight to calm that mess down.

surprises of the night?

marlon brown and julian thomas both score tds.


Best of luck everyone with their fantasy seasons.

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I can't hear that song without thinking about that movie with the modern aircraft carrier that goes back in time to Pearl Harbor.

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With all of the rule changes against hitting, I should have known Ryan Seacrest wouldn't be far behind...

Quick - Everyone act like this delay will be the most agonizing minutes of your life!
Its not, but it's not like they found out about the 20 minute delay 2 minutes before kickoff. They just chose to not say it for ratings. Thats kind of bush league.


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