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*** Official Indefinite Cincinnati Bengals Thread *** (1 Viewer)


If this already exists in some form, please delete, but the only Bengals threads I can find are for a specific year or topic, or specific offseason, or from like 14 years ago with 4 replies.

Starting this out with a comical statistical anomaly I've become obsessed with lately. Here is a list of the Bengals' point differentials in their most recent 31 games, sorted from best result to worst result:

+31 Pittsburgh
+24 Baltimore
+23 Detroit
+21 Carolina
+20 Baltimore
+19 Las Vegas
+18 Atlanta
+15 NY Jets
+14 Pittsburgh
+12 Miami
+7 Las Vegas
+7 Pittsburgh
+5 Denver
+4 New Orleans
+3 Minnesota
+3 Jacksonville
+3 Kansas City
+3 Tennessee
+3 Kansas City
-2 Baltimore
-3 Chicago
-3 Green Bay
-3 NY Jets
-3 San Francisco
-3 LA Rams
-3 Pittsburgh
-3 Dallas

... so that's 27 out of 31. Just 4 to go. 1 team oddly absent from the list thus far ...

-5 Cleveland
-19 LA Chargers
-19 Cleveland
-25 Cleveland


I haven't done a great job of maintaining the one I created so I am fine if there's another thread to carry the mantle or otherwise be merged with the last one I created.

Thanks Bengal Brother!


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