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***OFFICIAL*** Jets @ Falcons MNF Thread (1 Viewer)

Falcons start strong with up tempo offense but hey that's working, let's bring in a FB and kill our own drive. Excellent idea.

no MNF game thread 7 minutes into the game? Weird.

Schaub wishes SF DBs had hands like NY's. Should have been a pick-6 for the jets

Awesome game already. Two great defensive plays by the Jets, great catch by Cumberland.

Jets should go 4 downs here. FG ain't gonna win this game. But losing yards on 3rd rules that out

Coaching staff gave Geno some nice, easy throws with the short field and even mixed in a QB run. Like what I saw there and I really think a conservative game plan is the way to go tonight. (at least until you see how your D responds against this Falcons O)

Tough break for the Jets on that fumble from White. Let's see if the Falcons redzone woes continue.


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