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OFFICIAL LEAGUE POSTPONEMENTS - Browns v Raiders now Monday (1 Viewer)

Stinkin Ref

IBL Representative
I have a commissioner (I’m in three of his leagues) allowing us to post “If I had know, I’d have started player x…” posts so long as it’s done before both players’ game. For example, something like “I intend to start Josh Jacobs, but if his game is canceled and/or he has Covid, I’d have started rhamondre Stevenson.”  This is legit provided the post is made to the league before Stevenson plays. 

Lotta work for the commish in theory policing it but I found it a nice and reasonable idea. 
MFL lets you do this ...it is called the “backup player” option under starting lineups.....you pick the guy in a drop down box....and then we make the owner list in the comments.....this player X in the drop down if “Landry” doesn’t play....


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