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:excited: didnt get my soft open invite :kicksrock:




current offers $20 borgata signup

betfair deposit 10 get 10

there are supposed to be 2 other online sites i need to grab and post

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For some reason I thought my Stars account would just come back to life. Seems that Stars is not totally in sync with NJ yet from what i heard.

So when it says "only available to customers located in the state of New Jersey", how seriously should I take that? Are they actually locking out people who don't live in NJ?

Tried to register at the Borgata, just sitting at the "Verifying information, please wait" screen.

Will report back, of course :kicksrock:

So when it says "only available to customers located in the state of New Jersey", how seriously should I take that? Are they actually locking out people who don't live in NJ?
I just read an article that it's going to not only confirm location via IP, but via your cell phone at all times during play.

stuck on register screen - oh well should be up in a few days
I clicked "already have account" after receiving the email that I mentioned above, and got into the site and was verified to play. Went to play, and couldn't verify my location. Looks pretty awesome, just need to work the bugs out and it'll be sweet.

Also, they better give me the $20 free play they're advertising on their website, not in my account currently :hot:

Best Friends Forever - Achievement Unlocked (and True) !!

Any NJ FBG's that sign up, so far we have:



Might be good to put in the OP, bell. We can update as we go. So cool!

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Get a $20 Bonus just for signing up to play!

*offer not valid during test period

I'm hoping they hook it up once it's live, knowing if you set it up as soon as the soft launch hit, that you're a potential gold mine for them.

This is the nice thing vs. an offshore, I feel comfortable calling them when it's live and somewhat hopeful they'll hook it up.

Under New Jersey law, the DGE may authorize Internet gaming permit holders to offer real-money online gaming to the general public in New Jersey as early as Tuesday, November 26, assuming all testing and soft play is completed to the satisfaction of the DGE.

Hope my credit card lifts their ban.....

Also want to check out GOlden Nugget Online as I go there a lot visiting friends boat... and supposedly the points will go on your account

ETA: Apps will be available to phones and tablet .... oh no

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So is this going to be live Ultimate Poker in Vegas where you sign up and have an account but can only play when you are actually in the state? I believe they track where your phone is to see if you can play or not.

Although really the only reason to play online if you don't actually live in new Jersey is if you can't afford a high buy in at the live games

Congrats Jersey. Must be nice to live in a state whose leaders don't have a stick up their butts (LOOKING AT YOU VIRGINA) :kicksrock:

Tracking by your phone. Smart. Using VPNs or proxies, it's easy to make it look like your computer is in NJ, but I don't know if that's really possible if they're tracking your phone.


Let's track sign-up bonuses in the OP as well. So far, I see the $20 sign up bonus from Borgata, and I just saw on Facebook Betfair is offering $10 if you deposit $10. Not sure what the other casino's will offer, but we should track and see.

I would guess that they're using the same technology that the casinos in vegas use for their mobile stuff. Going to be tough to play anywhere but NJ.

first tourneyy joined level 5 so was below avg stack.

flop k j 5 i had k 10 suited.

all in was called he had aj....

i dont need to tell you what the river was...

its fixed :P

i lost 5 bucks playing bj also :lol:

Signed into WSOP last night, did ACH money into account without issue and was playing in couple of minutes. Not a ton of active tables to work out of but 100% matching bonus is current offer, so that will be good.

Bump. I'm up like $3 on party poker. If any NJ FBG want to sign up DM me your e-mail addy I'll invite you (I get a bonus in that case) :)


Wsop has connection issues with having to relog in every so often and disconnecting randomly, very annoying but I am up $60 playing micro tables so I can't complain.

Just pretty barren on the site. I guess I am used

to ps and thousands of tables to choose from

plenty of fish, makes me wish I was a multi table player.

Jersey guys, please report back and let us know how this goes. :popcorn:
I've managed to work my $100 bankroll up to just under $900 on party.

Still frequently having overlays in the guaranteed tourneys (especially during the week). I've had a good run, especially the last couple of weeks. Hope I can keep it up. Seems like the out-of-state in-state thing is clear (you get a screen right away saying you are out of state, but then a few moments later the in-state confirmation pops up, I haven't had any problems with it saying I'm out of state mid-game in a long time now.

Got offered a new bonus for an additional deposit but I don't play with the frequency/$ level that will really get me a meaningful bonus so I'm going to pass on that particular one.

Any other Jersey FBG playing these days?


For the record, I've opted to stick to tournament tables - feel like I'm doing much better there than at the cash tables.


Thought about doing this tge other day but saw some articles that seem to indicate that there weren't many players.

What's the deal. Can I just play on regular party poker? Are the games normal or are they super rocky like the post neteller days?


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