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*** OFFICIAL **** (Pregame) Chargers Patriots Thread (1 Viewer)

Who wins / by how much?

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Some commentary...

The Chargers need the win desperately, and while they have had their personnel losses, they are still structurally whole. LT made the comment that the Patriots are "better off than we are" regards injuries, etc., apparently forgetting about the loss of some guy named Brady. I expect the Chargers secondary to put a big hurt on Cassel, i.e. 3 picks. I don't believe the Chargers collective psyche can handle a loss this week, whereas if the Pats lose, I think it will just make them work harder.

Another context for this game is that Rivers and the passing game have evolved to the point where simply taking away the run is a guaranteed win, as it was, say two years ago. I expect Rivers to throw at least 2 TDs.


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