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*** OFFICIAL Super Bowl LV Thread *** Kansas City Chiefs (-3) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (O/U 56) (1 Viewer)


When TB played washington...all i saw here is how bad the defense was, when TB played GB...the defense sucked, now KC's defense sucks. Maybe time for you guys to simply say TB's offense is just too much for these defenses.
Nah TB has a lot of help from the refs in the WAS game as well. 



@Brett_McMurphy: Only way Tampa Bay loses this championship is if Kevin Cash comes out of the stands and pulls Tom Brady
Now that's salty. I can't believe he pulled him still, and I'm a casual baseball fan. He really did that not to save his arm, but because it was the third time through, huh? That's crazy. My nephew is a huge Rays fan and described the organizational philosophy to me. My jaw dropped.



I know Mahomes made a couple plodding runs in the first half but I don't think his mobility is really there at all. I assume it is the toe but he looks like he has lead weights on his feet to me. 


Ministry of Pain

I didn't think I would be posting this but the Bucs are driving for a close out score. 

This is one play from being a potential Blowout or very little left in the 4th Q

I just can't enjoy even pondering what the circus side story last couple days might have had on the Chiefs but they look like they didn't even get off the bus tonight...

Brady is closing in on 7

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Colbert is funny when he's not doing politics.

Okay, that's a problematic statement right there, but you know what I'm saying.



Jones is going down like a sack of potatoes when he gets hit. Fournette is breaking tackles. I wanted RoJo early, but would rather see Fournette right now. Plus, ball security.



this is where Brady kept GB in the NFC Championship. Looks like they’ll stay on the ground this time 


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