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*** Official Twins @ White Sox: One Game Playoff 2008 *** (1 Viewer)

Johnny Rock

Although I wish the game was in MN, this will be fun tonight. Big spot for the young rookie in MN.

As a Twins fans I'm hoping we can piece together some pitching. I heard the wind is blowing out hard today so obviously that favors Chicago.

Gameday Line



ETA: Changed the title. Wow! :confused:

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Hopefully Danks has a little something left in the tank, but I'm not holding my breath. Guy needs a long rest. On the other hand, Blackburn has been been terrible against the WhiteSox this season, although that was with Quentin in the lineup. One of the teams will win 7-6, but I have no idea who it will be...

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Rock and roll! If the Sox do not commit an error and can keep the base stealing Twins honest on the base paths they go to TB. Twins just need to execute their offense and watch the Sox shoot themselves in the foot.

Low scoring, cold weather type game. 4-2 when Blackburn leaves after 5 2/3 with one runner on; reliever comes in and inherited runner scores making it 4-3.

Twins score an insurance run in the top of the 9th. Nathan closes it out after walking one, bringing the tying run to the plate. Twins win 5-3.

I don't care how bad Swish has been playing lately/this year, he owns Blackburn, and Wise is friggin terrible at the plate AND in the field. Get a clue Ozzie...

...and Thome, please take the next bus out of town...thanks.

It hurts watching Danks do so well. After watching every step he made since he was drafted, and not be able to reap the benefits, just sucks.

That trade hurts more than most.


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