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I had a league with ESPN for about 6 years. The league wanted to do some new things during the draft that isn't allowed on ESPN. [e.g. having keepers and also allowing snake] We left and went to myfantasyleague because of the high customization, but my league disliked the message/communication system there. So now we are back with ESPN.


I want to run an offline draft but still need to be able to have it online. Does anyone know of software where I can accomplish a very customizable draft online? I need to be able to place keepers, trade draft picks, etc.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, please advise if I have on the proper placement.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Couldn't you still do the draft online with MFL? I don't think you have to pay for the league until after the season starts.

Any way you do it you have to load the draft onto ESPN after the fact. Can't your guys get over the messaging/communication issues they have with MFL?

I have the same question - any luck on this front? My league uses ESPN and its fine except we don't use the 1st three picks as keepers, rather, its based on where they were draft the year before (i.e. if they were selected in the 10th rd last year, they can be kept for a 9th round pick this year). Since ESPN doesn't support this, it's a nightmare to conduct the draft. I have to provide everyone a "dont' draft list" so a keeper isn't picked out of turn, and they routinely mess up. And heaven forbid the timer run out, ESPN autopicks the best available player which is always someone's keeper. Is there nothing out there? My league all drafts remotely, so an online tool we can all access is a must. If sleeperbot allowed trades, it would have been perfect...


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