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So I'm looking at his stats since week 5 and notice that in every game with exception to TBB, he's hit the 20+ plateau in point production. Teams he has played against in that timespan include NO/DET/CHI/HOU with TBB and a bye thrown in there.

So I am looking at the remaining schedule with JAX/CHI/DET/ARI/ATL and I'm wondering, will the stats continue with the 20+ per game with these matchups, with potential to go higher on occassion, or wil he regress after the TBB game to a sub 20 pt a week QB?

They're smack dab in a race for the division which helps keep the starters in there.

One small thing is that his passing yds have decreased in the last 3 games, yet he's avg'd 2 TDs per during that span also.

Can he continue the 20+ pts a game or will he sink?

Teams will continue to stack the box against Peterson, so Frerotte will continue to get his. His mobility is an issue though, so teams that get to him quickly like Tampa did, will give him a long day.


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