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One active owner needed for contract - dynasty IDP league (1 Viewer)


The Insane Asylum has an opening for an active owner in a 16 team very active Dynasty/contract IDP league.

Some Highlights:
-The top 100 scorers in the league included 16 QB, 11 RB, 19 WR, 7 TE, 13 DEs, 4 DTs, 11 LBers, 6 CB, 7 S
-Start QB, RB, WR, WR, TE (plus one flex) and IDP start 2DE, 1DT, 3LB, 2CB, 2S (plus one flex), Kicker and Punter.
-More accurate scoring for QB and RB - gives credit for yards per attempt and completion percentage.
-Veteran auction every year and rookie draft.
-Contracts that you award to players won in auction @ 2.5 years per player won (10 guys won in auction will give you 25 years to divide out between those players (1-4 years each player).
-Victory Points used for standings.

$60 annual fee - PayPal (The team your taking over traded his 3rd round rookie pick (and added a 4th) for this year so he paid $30 towards this years fee - Your $60 will pay for the balance of this year plus 1/2 of your 2016 fee - you will be allowed to trade 2016 draft picks). You still have your 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th plus another 4th round pick.



Rule link is on home page towards bottom left.

Thanks for your interest.

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