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One of the most underrated RB's in 2008 in PPR leagues (and a snea (1 Viewer)


None other than Mr. Kevin Faulk.

In my 1 ppr leagues, the guy has been $$ all year long.

--Only 2 games all year < 8.6 pts

--Only 4 games all year <10.6 pts

--5 games of 19+ pts

He is almost a virtual lock for 20-30 rushing yds and 20-30 rec. yds every week. Add to that somewhere between 4-6 receptions. Factor in his ability to break an occasional long run still and to score TDs and he's been an amazingly safe option week in and week out with good upside as well.

This week vs. Arizona he could be a GREAT play for those with injuries/tough matchups. Arizona has little to play for, gave up a TON on the ground to Minn, and NE has continued to use him heavily despite the return of S. Morris.

#19 ranked RB in my 1 ppr league. Not bad for a really late pick/WW addition.

:thumbup: He's always been one of my favorite late round picks, especially in large leagues or "best play" formats. He will almost never win the game for you, but you know he'll produce something.
He helped lead me to an undeafeted season in MFL featuered SUPER league as my rb-3/ flex play but filled in for Westy when necessary brilliantly also.

Only wish NE gave him more touches per week. But they have beefed it up


I posted this EXACT COMMENT 3 weeks ago in my undeafeated 48 team MFL SUPER league message board. He is one of biggest reason I was sucessful! Though non PPR leagues he's still not draftable!

And probably never will be!


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