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One Official Weekly Injury Thread For The Season vs A New Official Injury Thread Each Week? (1 Viewer)

One Official Injury Thread For The Season vs A New Official Injury Thread Each Week?

  • One Official Injury Thread For The Season

    Votes: 14 18.4%
  • A Separate Official Injury Thread For Each Week

    Votes: 62 81.6%

  • Total voters

Joe Bryant

Staff member
Some discussion today. In past years, we've created a new Injury thread for each week. But it sometimes fails to happens (like it did this week) and then there's confusion. 

It was suggested that we have one official injury thread and we post injury updates there through the season. Similar to how we do the player threads. That way all the injury discussion stays in one thread. By the end of the season, it'll likely be a lot of pages but easy to navigate just like the player threads as most everyone will read the latest posts.

But it seems like some would prefer to have a new thread each week.

With as much as people seem to like the official threads for players, I thought they'd prefer that for the injuries. But I don't really care. I just want what the most people get value from. 

So we can vote here.



As long as it's easy enough to find in the rare circumstance where I'm wondering why a receiver has zero points in the fourth quarter, I don't think it matters either way


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