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One opening in 16 team, full IDP Contract league (1 Viewer)

bronco fan

I have an unexpected opening in one of my 16 team IDP leagues. This one is called the Ultimate IDP League, and it is a contract year league. I have posted openings here on several occasions. I am a very experienced Commissioner, and I pride myself on running competitive, fair and fun leagues. I am currently the Commissioner of four leagues all run on MFL.

The url is http://www8.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/16432

Check out the scoring system. It's a bit unusual but very fun and different. You can check it out on the site. Read the bylaws also on the site.

The team open is labeled "Open Team". You can check out the roster for this team on the site as well.

The free agent auction is almost over in that league, so I would allow the new owner to pickup a select number of free agents to help fill out the roster. This team still has an opportunity to declare contract years on free agents acquired via the auction. This team picked up several free agents early in the free agent auction process.

If you are interested in the team, please contact me. The previous owner paid his dues, so I would extend that payment to the new owner, making the first years fee of $25 paid.


Greg Akiyama


This is a very good league. The commissioner is great he is on top of everything. So don't hold back take over this team

Thanks for all the kind words guys. I really appreciate it. The league opening has been filled. Thanks to all who took the time to look over the league.


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