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One Opening in IDP Dynasty League (Filled) (1 Viewer)


Hello. I have been the Commissioner of seven UFFL Leagues since 1995. I have one team available in UFFL V, an IDP dynasty league heading into it's 9th season.

Here are details of the league:

- League site: http://www25.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/20013#0

- Rules: http://football25.myfantasyleague.com/2013/options?L=20013&O=26
- Rosters: http://football25.myfantasyleague.com/2011/options?L=24299&O=07
- Dynasty League est. 2005
- 12 teams, 3 divisions
- 32 man roster and 2 player taxi squad
- PPR (0.75, 1.0, 1.25)
- decimal scoring
- H2H play thru week 13
- 6 team playoff weeks 14-16
- 6 round rookie/FA draft starting on July 18 (slow e-mail style)
- blind bidding waivers
- $75 entry fee + $25 refundable franchise fee
- 96% payout

Weekly starting lineup for each team is as follows:

* 1 Quarterback (QB)
* 2 Running Backs (RB)
* 2 Wide Receivers (WR)
* 1 Tight End (TE)
* 1 Offensive Flex (RB/WR/TE)
* 1 Place Kicker (PK)
* 2 Linebackers (LB)
* 2 Defensive Lineman (DL)
* 2 Defensive Backs (DB)
* 1 Defensive Flex (LB/DL/DB)

The available team is listed on the site as "Open Team." The roster is strong headlined by Robert Griffin III, Chris Johnson, David Wilson, Reggie Bush, Percy Harvin, Miles Austin, Aaron Hernandez, Jared Allen, Mason Foster, Morgan Burnett and Eric Berry. The team has the 8th pick in the upcoming rookie/FA draft.

If you're interested in taking the team or have any questions, PM me or send me a e-mail, Torreano@aol.com


Dave Torreano
UFFL Leagues

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