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One owner needed for 14 tm ppr dynasty with IDP Free Yahoo (1 Viewer)

northern exposure

Free 14 team Yahoo PPR Dynasty league entering its 11th season looking for one owner. Return Yardage league.
Team has 13th pick in each round of upcoming 2 round Rookie Draft and in the one Round Free Agent Draft. 

Rostered players include:
QB- Mariota, Trubisky
RB- Kamara, Lamar Miller, Gio Bernard
WR - Antonio Brown, AJ Green, ESanders, TCrowder
TE-Gronk, VDavis
D- Alonso, SLee, P Brown

Starters are: QB:1, WR:3, RB:2, TE:1, WR/RB/TE flex:1, K: 1, D Flex:5. 9 Bench Slots
This team won the league in 2015 and finished 2nd last season.

Let me know if you have any questions. If interested, please send me a PM.

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