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One spot left in new RealitySportsOnline.com league (1 Viewer)


Hard core fantasy players only. Open to those willing to make a committment to a long term, keeper, contracts, salary cap, auction type league. Only one spot left. 11 other owners all very experienced. Come join the league for an exciting challenge against some of the best fantasy football players today. Must be active owner.

$50 buy in 100% payout.

(seperate $10 RSO fee to be paid by each team owner)

Lineup: qb,rb,rb,wr,wr,wr,flex,def,pk

All funds to be held via leaguesafe.com

For additional info and to apply go to:


In order to apply you must first create login id. then go to realitysportsonline.com homepage and click browse public leagues to find ours: Diehards Only League Est. 2013

aobluck@gmail.com if you have any specific questions.



Diehard Owners Only Lg. est. 2013
$50 buy-in towards prizes. ($9.99 RSO fee not included) Each owner must pay this fee individually) Top 3 get paid: 1st $325 2nd $175 3rd $100 League fees will be held via leaguesafe.com Submit application, once received I will email you a link to the leaguesafe payment page. Once paid you will be admitted to the league. - See more at: http://realitysportsonline.com/SearchLeagues.aspx#sthash.UFKBiVpP.dpuf

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