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Onside kick fumble question (1 Viewer)

Hook Em'


If you click on the play button, it happens at about 1:28. This was a huge issue in my league because I had originally won the game by 0.38pts. About 2 hrs after the Monday night game was over, MFL changed Bowe's score and added 2pts because they took away the fumble that he had, so I end up losing the game and have to settle for the 3rd place game.

My question is this; if you fumble an onside kick, should it be considered a regular fumble?

Accoring to MFL about the scoring option ''Fumbles'' This is the total number of fumbles by a player or a team in a game. This includes "muffs" that occur on a punt or kickoff when a player is trying to field the kick and it bounces off his chest. This includes ALL fumbles whether they are recovered by their own team or by the opponent. Also, this includes ALL fumbles in the entire game, whether they are on offense or defense or special teams. So if you assign this rule to the Team Defense position, it will include the total number of fumbles by the ENTIRE team, not just fumbles by the defense.

Sounds like that is what happened with Bowe.


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