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Drafted 10th in a 12 team, 0.5 PPR League

I think I did a pretty good job.

QB: Matt Stafford

RB: L. Fournette

RB: L. Miller

WR: M. Thomas

WR: S. Diggs

TE: T. Burton

W/R: A. Cooper

D: Pittsburgh

K: H. Butker

BN: R. Burkhead

BN: J. Williams

BN: C. Clement

BN: N. Chubb

BN: T. Yeldon

BN: N. Algohor

BN: G. Kittle

Solid draft.  Good starters but also a pretty strong bench.  I am personally not a big fan of the handcuff strategy for a young RB.  Since it is PPR, I think I would rather have another WR on my bench than using a slot on Yeldon.  

Yeldon is not an unproven rookie... he is a guy that was not good enough so they drafted another player to start over him.  If tragedy does strike and Fournette goes down, it is not like Yeldon will then perform at the same level.   Meanwhile the WR position is very deep and there are a lot of lottery tickets far more likely than Yeldon to make it to your starting lineup.  (e.g. Ross)  I would comb the waiver wire for one of those.

I would also probably want the Pitt D in my lineup.  Without Shazier they are a different team.  DEF points were 4, 3, and 4 the next three weeks.  The week 16 and week 17 points were a mirage because they faced losing teams (4-12, 0-16) starting their QB3s.

They finished as the 28th ranked DEF in fantasy last year, released multiple starters, had only one defensive pick in the first 4 rounds, and had only one significant defensive FA signing.  Their three divisional foes all made significant offensive upgrades.  Them jumping to the top 12 in defenses in 2018 would be an upset.


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