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Open12 Tm PPR Best Ball Devys Dyno (1 Viewer)

Mike B

This team is available: http://football27.myfantasyleague.com/2012/options?L=75505&F=0004&O=07

League is set up for busy owners looking for low-maintenance league. There are only a few waiver periods and it's best ball.

Locker, Jake TEN QB (P)

Luck, Andrew IND QB ®

Weeden, Brandon CLE QB ®

* Ball, Montee (DEVY) ARI RB

Benson, Cedric GBP RB

Ingram, Mark NOS RB

Ivory, Christopher NOS RB

Murray, DeMarco DAL RB

Redman, Isaac PIT RB

Bennett, Earl CHI

WR Britt, Kenny TEN WR

Coale, Danny FA WR ®

Green, A.J. CIN WR

Harris, Dwayne DAL WR

Jenkins, A.J. SFO WR ®

Morgan, Joseph NOS WR

Sanu, Mohamed CIN WR ®

Tate, Golden SEA WR

Young, Titus DET WR

Cook, Jared TEN TE

Gates, Antonio SDC TE (Q)

Cowboys, Dallas DAL Def

Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def

* Barkley, Matt (DEVY) QB

* Dyer, Michael (DEVY) RB

Message me michaelbaroz@yahoo.com


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