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Opening in 12 team PPR. Star Wars theme dynasty. (1 Viewer)



$50 league fee will be discounted to $40 for first year.

12 team PPR, 2nd yr Dynasty

Start (1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1RB/WR/TE, 1K, 1D)

Rookie/FA picks: 1.8, 2.8, 3.8, 4.8

  • Flacco, Joe BAL QB307.0510
  • Kaepernick, Colin FA QB232.85-
  • Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB439.908
  • Bush, Reggie BUF RB25.706
  • Charles, Jamaal FA RB (Q)13.40
  • Freeman, Devonta ATL RB286.105
  • Jennings, Rashad FA RB138.40-
  • Turbin, Robert IND RB108.5011
  • Washington, DeAndre OAK RB87.2010
  • Cruz, Victor FA WR103.60-
  • Dorsett, Phillip IND WR98.8011
  • Hurns, Allen JAC WR (Q)100.708
  • Jackson, DeSean TBB WR180.5011
  • Kearse, Jermaine SEA WR98.006
  • Matthews, Rishard TEN WR213.508
  • Robinson, Demarcus KCC WR0.0010
  • Shorts, Cecil TBB WR (D)26.2011
  • Thomas, Michael NOS WR259.705
  • Wallace, Mike BAL WR202.9010
  • Cook, Jared OAK TE73.7010
  • Donnell, Larry NYG TE30.208
  • Graham, Jimmy SEA TE193.306
  • Tye, Will NYG TE93.508
  • Bailey, Dan DAL PK149.406
  • Tucker, Justin BAL PK189.7010
  • Raiders, Oakland OAK Def105.0010
  • Seahawks, Seattle SEA Def132.006

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