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Opening in League (1 Viewer)


Insane Asylum is looking to replace one owner.

Dynasty / Contract / Auction league.

Rookie Draft scheduled for May 25th

Auction scheduled for July 7th

Please go to the

Communication --> email commissioner

If your interested in signing up or for more information.


Go to standing and see the roster on the open team. The open team has all his draft picks with 1.11, 2.11 etc.

Good team with A.Rodgers, A.Morris, Green-Ellis, Colston, Cruz, Pettigrew,

$60 entry fee

45 man rosters

5 man taxi squad

5 round rookie draft

unique scoring

assign contract years

annual franchise tag

annual transition tag

active trading league

Please check out the rules to make sure this league is a good fit for you.

Thanks for your interest

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