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Opinions on Trade (1 Viewer)


10 team, 1 point ppr, Modified keeper league. All TDS worth six points.

I'm in first place. Other team is in last place.

My team, keepers in bold

QBs - Lawrence, Howell, Young, Murray
RBs - Eckler, Etienne, Pacheco, Mattison, McLaughlin, Montgomery
WRs - AJ Brown, St Brown, Thielen, Downs, Palmer, E Moore
TEs - Andrews
K - Dicker
Def - Philly

I give Trevor Lawrence, (Not a keeper to start this year) Bryce Young (keeper for the future), and Travis Etienne (keeper) for Lamar Jackson (keeper) and Breece Hall. (Not a keeper)

I feel like my QB play is keeping me from being a Super Bowl winner. Etienne/Hall feels like a wash that could go either way, but I'm losing the keeper.

Any thoughts?
I wouldn't do that package in a 1 QB league. Lawrence and Murray should be fine down the stretch and you don't really have the depth to give up ETN at the rate he is scoring. I actually might put in Ekeler (how much longer do you really want to keep him anyway) for ETN. Ekeler just doesn't look right after his injury.
ETN is too dynamic

You'd be really scrambling at RB next year in a weak rookie class


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