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Order the playoff teams (1 Viewer)


This is a spinoff of the playoff prediction thread and the Hater's thread. But this thread is to see who your favorite teams are. Order the playoff teams in the order you'd like to see them win a SB. Here's my list:

1. Cardinals: Ain't gonna happen but it would be cool to see it

2. Colts: have been a fan ever since they were losers in Baltimore

3. Chargers: They've been waiting a while and deserve a shot. Nice city.

4. Dolphins: Always like the 'Phins.

5. Falcons: This would really be funny without Vick

6. Steelers: I like their style of football.

7. Panthers: Indifferent

8. Ravens: A little less than indifferent

9. Titans: Eh.

10. Vikings: I'm a Bears fan. Nuff said.

11. Eagles: I like the Eagles, but they have a recent baseball championship and other good teams.

12. Giants (I dislike all NY teams in all sports, plus they won it last year)

What's your list like?

1. Colts - fan for over 40 yrs

2. Vikings - I live in MN. They grow on you.

3. Falcons - Feel good story after the Vick debacle

4. Cardinals - They deserve some good fortune after decades of failure

5. Dolphins - I used to hate them, but they're harmless

6. Eagles - I feel for their fans, even if most of you don't

7. Giants - Got to pull for little brother

8. Panthers - indifferent

9. Ravens - Get over the Colts leaving already !!

10. Titans - Division rival. Don't like them.

11. Steelers - I'm still stinging over 1995

12. Chargers - I dislike their QB (maybe too much :unsure: )

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1. Cardinals -- I agree that if they win, it'd be one of the coolest things in sports history. Would also lock Warner in the HOF which I think he easily deserves.

2. Titans -- Couldn't care less about this team but would love to see Fisher finally get his due. Would also like to see another underappreciated QB (Collins) win a Super Bowl ring.

3. Dolphins -- 1-15 team going on to win the SB the following year? A record that would never get broken.

4. Vikings -- Big AP fan and would love to see him run wild and grab a Super Bowl MVP on the way. Would also like to see TJax keep his current level of play up. Only downside is that Childress would be firmly entrenched as Head Coach and that's not a good thing.

5. Falcons -- As a Saints fan I can't stand the team, but overall, a completely turned over team winning it would be cool. That's the only reason

6. Carolina -- As a Saints fan, I don't mind Carolina as much and would rather see a team in the NFC South win it.

7. NYG -- Epitome of a "team". I wouldn't mind a repeat here at all.

8. Colts -- If only to legitimize Peyton's undeserved MVP award.

9. Ravens -- A rookie QB and rookie HC. That's about it.

10. SD -- Not a big LT fan anymore otherwise they would have been higher. Something about him over the last year has made me sour on him.

11. Pitt -- Not a Steeler fan at all and would hate to have to hear the talk of Big Ben and HOF in a couple years because of his 2 Super Bowl wins.

12. Eagles -- Simply don't like the Eagles or McNabb.

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1) Baltimore Ravens

2) San Diego Chargers

3) Atlanta Falcons

4) Minnesota Vikings

5) Carolina Panthers

6) Arizona Cardinals

7) Tennessee Titans

8) Miami Dolphins

9) Philadelphia Eagles

10) Indianapolis Colts

11) New York Giants

12) Pittsburgh Steelers

Decided to make my list based on the match-ups I'd most like to see.

1. Giants*

2. Colts*

* Would like to see this Super Bowl... Please don't hate me because I'm from Oxford :unsure:

3. Steelers

4. Panthers

*I think this would be a very enjoyable game with two solid defenses

5. Falcons

6. Dolphins

*This would be a GREAT story

7. Eagles

8. Titans

9. Cardinals

10. Chargers

11. Ravens

12. Vikings

Not a fan of any of the teams

1. Colts

2. Panthers

3. Dolphins

4. Vikings

5. Titans

6. Chargers

7. Falcons

8. Cardinals

12a, b, c, d. Ravens, Eagles, Giants, Steelers

its a weird year for me in the nfc playoffs this year . i definately have a "rooting order" for the entire nfl . and this year, there is only 1 team from the nfc that is ranked in my nfl top half 1-16 . all the other teams are in my bottom half (8) nfc nd bottom half league (17-32) . if the eagles get knocked out the nfc will amount to a choice of "cleaning the litter box" or "moving yard dog poop ". in fact there are only 4 teams out of the 12 post season teams in my top half (16) . i dont remember this few teams i like in rescent years . im just hoping a team i like wins it . then it wont matter...


2-eagles- 3nfc/6nfl

3-titans- 4afc/10nfl

4-ravens- 6afc/14nfl

5-cardinals- 9nfc/17nfl

6-dolphins- 9afc/18nfl

7-falcons- 10nfc/21nfl

8-panthers- 11nfc/23nfl

9-chargers- 13afc/23nfl

10-vikings- 14nfc/27nfl

11-colts- 14afc/29nfl

12-giants 16nfc/30nfl

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1 Titans - Love Jeff Fisher

2 Dolphins - Like Pennington and big Parcells fan

3 Chargers - Huge Rivers fan

4 Cardinals - Edge deserves it. Warner, Fitz and Boldin are very likeable

5 Falcons - Nice story

6 Giants - Admire Coughlin alot and how they play the game.

7 Steelers - Wife is from Pitt

8 Panthers - Cant stand Delhomme but admire how they play

9 Colts - Manning is funny on his commercials

10 Eagles - Obnoxious fans

11 Ravens - Too many ##### on that defense

12 Vikings - Losers

The teams, as I care about them:

1) Tennessee Titans - Local and favorite team

2) San Diego Chargers - been an LT fan for a long time now, it would be good to see him win one

3) Indianapolis Colts - sister lives in Indy

4) Miami Dolphins - Pennington, good story

5) Pittsburgh Steelers - Ben, Polamalu

The rest, I just don't care

6) Arizona Cardinals

7) Baltimore Ravens

8) Atlanta Falcons

9) Philadelphia Eagles

10) Minnesota Vikings

11) New York Giants

12) Carolina Panthers

Aside from teams, the matchups I like:

1. The Baltimore Bowl (AFC Championship)

2. BIG Bowl - Titans/Giants

3. (as much as I hate the nicknames) the "Jesus" Bowl - Vikings/Titans

Matchup I don't want

1. Manning bowl

Matchup I don't want1. Manning bowl
That would be unbearable. :thumbup:Mine:1) Philadelphia Eagles - my team2) Miami Dolphins - Chad :shrug:3) New York Giants - local team; most freinds are fans4)Pittsburgh Steelers - watched al ot growing up on other side of the state5) Tennessee Titans -love seeing success for Collins and Warner wit wunderkinds Leinart and Young on the bench6) Arizona Cardinals - " "7) Carolina Panthers - I like John Fox and JakeNo preference:Atlanta FalconsSan Diego ChargersMinnesota VikingsBaltimore RavensIndianapolis Colts
Eagles-my team and hometown

Chargers-have also always rooted and followed closely for them since I was 6watching air coryell

Titans-like Fisher

Cards-would be exciting games if they are in







Colts-sick of Manning

Giants-see colts and they are rival and NY

1. Cardinals - I used to like Jim Hart and Roy Green

2. Panthers - seem like a good organization and I love defense

3. Colts - Peyton Manning makes funny commercials

4. Ravens - love watching their defense

5. Titans - same as Ravens but with even less offense

6. Falcons - no Vick = I can root for them

7. Vikings - I love their defense, maybe next year they'll get a qb.

8. Steelers - don't like Santonio Holmes or Roethlisberger, other than that I love the Steelers (awesome defense, big Polamalu fan).

9. Dolphins - quick, someone name 5 players on their active roster

10. Giants - not a big fan of Pierce and Burress, plus they won last year

11. Chargers - I COULD love the Chargers with Merriman, Cooper, Weddle, etc., but I can't because I just hate Rivers

12. Eagles - they booed Santa Clause, a pox on Philly

1. Chargers - my favorite team

2. Panthers - an over-all good team

3. Titans - coach Fisher is deserving

4. Vikings - having lost so many, perhaps they deserve just 1 win

5. Eagles - don't really care for their fans, but do like the city and team

6. Falcons - no Vick and a feel good story

7. Cardinals - they've been the laughing stock for pretty much their entire existence

Now to the teams that have already won the big game:

8. Colts - Peyton is possibly the best QB ever

9. Ravens - defense, defense, defense

10. Dolphins - won plenty already, but going 1-15 last year makes a good story

11. Giants - don't care for back-to-back championships

12. Steelers - won plenty and their fans are overbearing in their smugness about it

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1. Giants

2-11. Everybody else but...

12. Eagles

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1. Titans -- I've always admired the consistency and success of the franchise and Jeff Fisher; I think they deserve to win their first SB title.

2. Panthers -- See above, for the most part. Plus, being from a small town in Louisiana, I'd like to see Delhomme win it all.

3. Chargers -- I'd like to see them win their first and they have the talent, though something about them just kinda rubs me the wrong way.

4. Cardinals -- Would be a great story and Lord knows their fans (what few they have) have earned it, but they wouldn't exactly be a deserving champ.

5. Colts -- I like the Colts and Manning, particularly the way they've persevered this year.

6. Falcons -- good story, and they've never won.

7. Vikings -- It would be cool to see them overcome their playoff choking habits, and it would make ADP the biggest star in the game.

8. Steelers -- I admire them and they'd be a deserving champ.

9. Ravens -- they'd be higher if they hadn't won one in recent years.

10. Dolphins -- It's a great story, though I'd get sick of hearing the continued "Bill Parcells is a super awesome genius" discussion that would result.

11. Giants -- again, they'd be a lot higher if they hadn't won recently, and I just don't dig Eli's game.

12. Eagles -- I know they've never won, but I feel like they've had more than enough chances in what has been a relatively weak conference this decade, and I'm tired of the Reid/McNabb drama.

Steelers - pretty obvious

Falcons - Lived in Atlanta for 3 years and still have friends there. They've suffered enough

Cards - I like Warner, Fitz, and Whis.

Colts - Big Tony Dungy fan

Dolphins - nice story on the turnaround and I've always like Pennington

Panthers - I like their style of football

Vikings - No opinion one way or the other

Giants - Meh, I don't hate them, but they won last year.

Eagles - hard for me to like any team from Philly

Chargers - Rivers comes across as a punk

Titans - Something about Jeff Fisher that makes him impossible for me to like. Not sure I can even explain it.

Ravens - AFC North rival. Just can't pull for them....ever.

1. Cardinals - Would be great to see. And they are fun team to watch with that offense.

The NFC does not provide much to root for. Giants already won so no fun to cheer for. Eagles, Panthers and Vikings are a total bore to watch. Atlanta was the only other rootable team

The AFC has a few teams to cheers against. Indianapolis as the main one. The just seem stuck up. Also the Ravens. They seem like the bully everyone hates.


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