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Orphan Team w/ 1.01 draft pick (Dynasty, PPR, $70) (1 Viewer)


If anyone is looking for a challenge, I have an orphan team for sale. Cost is $50 per season + an additional $20 which goes towards a dynasty pot which pays out every 3rd season. The free agent draft was just completed, however we have yet to hold our annual college development draft. Team has a young core, just needs a manager to wheel and deal. League is very active, with over 100 trades this offseason. If you're interested, e-mail me and I can send over the site and bylaws.kmorel@mail.usf.edu

Andy Dalton
Nick Foles
Shane Vereen
Montee Ball
Daryl Richardson
Ahmad Bradshaw
Vincent Brown
Greg Little
Kenny Britt
Coby Fleener
Brandon Petigrew
Picks 1.01, 3.01, 3.08, 4.12


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